Furen Limestone Cave

Sightseeing information about Furen Limestone Cave in Japan.

Furen Limestone Cave4.4

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This limestone cave 20km northwest of Saeki City is known for its beautiful formation of limestone walls and pillars. With only one air opening, the 500m-long cavern has escaped excessive erosion and shows well-preserved milky white colors. Because of its closed environment, it is cool in summer and warm in winter.

The innermost area is as expansive as 15 hectares and holds a limestone mound measuring 10m in height and 16m in circumference, attached with hundreds of towering pillars and icicle-like formations. This area takes on a magical charm and people call it the Ryugu-jo ('dragon palace'), an imaginary undersea palace featured in a Japanese folktale.

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4.04 months ago

The stalactite inside the cave is a masterpiece.

5.02 months ago

I stopped by without expecting to see the stone Buddha statue, but it is a wonderful limestone cave as it is said to be the best in Japan.

There are almost no directions or signs, and there are a few climbs nearby.

A lonely building ...

The limestone cave is not inferior to Akiyoshido.

Worth a must-see ❗

One unfortunate thing is
The stone pillars, etc. must be folded.
Did the tourist do it ...

4.0a month ago

The innermost square? There are stairs so that you can see the place like this from above, and the scenery looks like the picture. There are some beautiful white stalagmites that are said to be the most beautiful limestone caves in Japan, and there are some that cannot be seen in other limestone caves. However, the white part is partial, and recently it seems that it has become a little brown due to weathering or dirt.

5.02 months ago

It was a beautiful limestone cave.
I feel that the waiting room is a little lonely, but I'm glad that there weren't many people.
There is a parking lot in front of the waiting room, so if you drive, you can go as far as you can go.

It was midsummer when I went inside, so it was cool and comfortable as if it had a cooler.
However, of course I sweat a lot while walking.
It's a little disappointing to go back the same way on the way back, but it was still good enough.

There was also an overall view, and it was said that different routes could not be passed because there was always water, but as far as I saw the entrance, it seemed to be difficult to pass even without water ^ ^;

Since the inside is a natural opponent, of course barrier-free is not considered. However, there were handrails on the stairs, and there were lights for each point, so there was no problem in terms of brightness.

5.03 weeks ago

It is wonderful that it is not an artificially made thing.
Furthermore, the private houses leading up to that point are quite impressive.

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