Furen Limestone Cave

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Furen Limestone Cave4.4

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This limestone cave 20km northwest of Saeki City is known for its beautiful formation of limestone walls and pillars. With only one air opening, the 500m-long cavern has escaped excessive erosion and shows well-preserved milky white colors. Because of its closed environment, it is cool in summer and warm in winter.

The innermost area is as expansive as 15 hectares and holds a limestone mound measuring 10m in height and 16m in circumference, attached with hundreds of towering pillars and icicle-like formations. This area takes on a magical charm and people call it the Ryugu-jo ('dragon palace'), an imaginary undersea palace featured in a Japanese folktale.

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Good place.beautiful,amazing

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The quality of the limestone cave was higher than that of the Inazumi limestone cave, and because there was no extra illumination, the texture and color of the rocks were well understood and powerful. I was surprised that the ceiling was so high that the last space was overwhelming.
Even in the summer, it was cool inside, and when I went back outside, the temperature difference made my glasses cloudy.
However, even though it was a midsummer weekday daytime, there was nobody, and although it was nice to be in a chartered state, it was exquisitely scary to go 500m alone in the dim cave.
The most open place is where the voice echoes well, so I sang a song comfortably and went home because there was nobody.
The admission fee of 1000 yen is too high, so you should at least set it at around 500 yen.

4.0a month ago

It is located in Notsu-cho, Usuki City, Oita Prefecture, a little up from along National Highway No. 10. There is a signboard.

The limestone cave is about 500 meters deep, and if you take a leisurely tour, it will take about 30 minutes for a round trip.
The temperature inside the cave is about 15 ℃, which is cool in summer and warm in winter.

The various shapes of stalactites are very fantastic.

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4.02 months ago

Furen limestone cave in Usuki City, Oita Prefecture.

This limestone cave was discovered in 1926 (Taisho 15), probably because it was a closed limestone cave with a depth of 500 m, and two years later it was designated as a nationally designated natural monument.

The inside of the stalactite is closed, so there is little intrusion of outside air, and the effect of weathering is small, so the stalactite's luster is maintained, it grows in a well-proportioned and beautiful shape, and it is characterized by being close to pure white.

The limestone cave is easy to walk and cool when you enter. You can enjoy stalactites with unique shapes such as "Ryugu Castle", "Helictite", "Hakumo no Taki", and "Tenjokai", and the mysterious shapes and colors of the stalactites will stimulate your imagination.

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