Furen Limestone Cave

Sightseeing information about Furen Limestone Cave in Japan.

Furen Limestone Cave4.4

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This limestone cave 20km northwest of Saeki City is known for its beautiful formation of limestone walls and pillars. With only one air opening, the 500m-long cavern has escaped excessive erosion and shows well-preserved milky white colors. Because of its closed environment, it is cool in summer and warm in winter.

The innermost area is as expansive as 15 hectares and holds a limestone mound measuring 10m in height and 16m in circumference, attached with hundreds of towering pillars and icicle-like formations. This area takes on a magical charm and people call it the Ryugu-jo ('dragon palace'), an imaginary undersea palace featured in a Japanese folktale.

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5.0a month ago

I went to summer.
It's cool before you enter, and cool when you go inside. But when I went outside, it wasn't so hot and humid (laughs)

4.0a month ago

The stalactite inside the cave is a masterpiece.

4.0a month ago

Because it is a cooler of nature, it feels really good ☺️

5.02 months ago

It is a beautiful limestone cave that is truly called the best in Japan.
The entrance to the building is at the back and the road to the parking lot is fairly narrow. (Attention to derailing)
An adult costs JPY 1000 and can be visited in about 30 minutes.

5.06 months ago

Sakura is in a beautiful place.
The pain from the first expedition to the discovery of the limestone cave is remembered.
The natural works of art made by the earth could not have arrived so easily.
There were many caves over the moat on the way.
This earth heritage that you often found.

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