Kujuku-shima Islands

Sightseeing information about Kujuku-shima Islands in Japan.

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This beautiful cluster of islands has been known as 'ninety-nine islands' since the 17th century. There are actually 208 islands with various sizes, densely scattered over 25km off the west coast of Sasebo City. Each island is named after its unique shape - turtle, lion, stag, horse, saddle, pillow, bamboo leaf, split island, etc. Some islands have maze-like meandering inlets, and others change their shapes drastically according to the tides.

There are four inhabited islands, the largest of which is Kuro-shima with 750 people. The island's name originated from 'cruz (cross)' and currently 70% of residents are Catholic Christians. Among popular delicacies around the islands are oysters, sea urchins and other seafood. Various cruise boats depart from Saikai Pearl Sea Resort. Overnight tours are available to visit other far-away archipelagos such as the Goto Islands.

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