Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

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Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise4.6

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The Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, located on a small island just off shore, is an amusement park that houses 4 aquariums. This is a huge complex themed with sea life, and the main attraction is Aqua Museum, one of the largest in Japan, where you can see 100,000 creatures with 500 different species.

Other attractions include Dolphin Fantasy to view dolphins swimming in gigantic tanks, Fureai Lagoon to touch various creatures in the sea, and Pleasure Land which is an park section for amusement rides. One day is not enough to see all of them. Those who visit here in the evening will enjoy good night views while trolling in a sea breeze. There are also a shopping mall and hotels.

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3.0in the last week

Their performances are excellent. It would be better if the entire place are more baby stroller/wheelchair friendly as there are many visitors with baby strollers.

4.03 months ago

While the opening hours state that it opens at 8:30, nothing other than the park itself opens before 10:00am. The aquarium itself is mostly great, with a fantastic shark and stingray tank with schools of sardines. Some of the mammals, however, are depressing, particularly the lonely polar bear being kept indoors in an area with peeling paint and no natural light. Many of the problematic aspects are generally problematic in any aquarium or zoo, although even within that context, this place could use some maintenance.

The amusement park rides were great for little kids, but wouldn't be very exciting for older kids. The general aquarium is free for under 4 year olds, which is nice, and includes the petting area. There is an English pamphlet to the park, which is helpful.

The park was blissfully uncrowded on a weekday in late June, which was great. On the whole, recommend for families with small children, but not otherwise.

4.02 weeks ago

Not only an aqua museum but a theme park with different kinds of rides. No matter you are a sea creatures lover, a thrill rider, a parent, a kid (or an adult sized kid), you can find the thing(s) you enjoy in here.

4.02 weeks ago

A great day out, great dolphin pool where the dolphins swim above you. Parking is ¥1200 per day. Be prepared to walk just to enter the park. Wait times for the rides is quite long. Big Blue only has two cars of the 6 have worked for the past couple of years. Wait time is usually 30 to 40 minutes. The roller coaster is good, but again, wait times can be pretty long, during busy times. It thins out just vefore thd park closes though.
The animals seem to be well looked after and content with their enviroment.

4.02 months ago

Sea Paradise is an older park that has seen better days but is still a fun place to visit. The live show is about 40 minutes long and good for the price.
If you are expecting sea world or Disney sea you'll be disappointed but if you just want a good time with the family at a reasonable price then this is a good place.

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