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Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise4.6

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The Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, located on a small island just off shore, is an amusement park that houses 4 aquariums. This is a huge complex themed with sea life, and the main attraction is Aqua Museum, one of the largest in Japan, where you can see 100,000 creatures with 500 different species.

Other attractions include Dolphin Fantasy to view dolphins swimming in gigantic tanks, Fureai Lagoon to touch various creatures in the sea, and Pleasure Land which is an park section for amusement rides. One day is not enough to see all of them. Those who visit here in the evening will enjoy good night views while trolling in a sea breeze. There are also a shopping mall and hotels.

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5.0a week ago

They have a cool tower with a great view of everything around for miles. I would highly recommend checking this place out. They have an aquarium and you can even pet whales and such. There are lots of options for food and they even have these little boats you can scoot around in the pool in. There was also one of the towers that you ride up the side of and it holds you for a second, then drops you; they have a different name everywhere you go, but this one was cool. We went on a day that was raining the whole day and we still had a good time, so this place must be especially cool during the non-rainy days.

3.0in the last week

The aquarium there is nice but the theme park itself is mediocre. I must emphasize that the food available there isn't good. Maybe packing your lunch might be a better choice.

5.02 months ago

Could easily spend a whole day here. A must for sea-life lovers. The pass that allows you on everything is well worth it. Rides, shows, pet and feed Dolphins, wide range of food, very easy to get to via train and good for both young and old. While the"night pass" from 4pm onwards is much cheaper you'll soon realise you don't quite have time to enjoy all there is to offer!

4.04 months ago

It is really amazing place for the kids. It is not only for the aquarium. It is combined with aquarium and amusement park. The size of park is quite big and there are lots of hand touch experience program. If you buy the free pass tickets, you can enjoy the all kinds of the activities and amusement things. Especially, the dolphins show is incredible and amazing for the kinds. Very strongly recommend.

5.02 months ago

Great with kids. Go to the cuddle part first and buy the extra feeding or cuddle experiences. Without those, you still get to pet a mini shark, sea cucumbers, pinguin and sea stars. The dolphin show also features some other animals that you will usually not see in action. The habitats for most of the animals were better than expected for Japan. We skipped the umi farm where you can fish your own dinner, so not sure what that is like. For kids and adults alike this place will give you an experience which is hard to come by in the Western world. We go to a lot of zoos and aquariums, but we never got so close to the animals as here. You can easily spent 8 hours in just the aquarium part of the park. They say there are 4 aquariums, but the museum and the cuddle place are the clear main attractions here. Staff was a mixed bag, most were amazing and went beyond of what you asked, some wanted to do / help as little as possible at least for foreigners. In the video on their website they show mostly fish things to eat, but you can eat here as well as a vegetarian with more than one option (noodles, fries, pastry with red beans, cheese sticks, etc).

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I have some proposals including visiting Hakkeijima Sea Paradise. As I mentioned in my profile, I will pick you up at the entrance of your hotel, then bring you to Hakkeijima by train. After this short trip, you will be able to buy trai...

I have some proposals including visiting Hakkeijima Sea Paradise.
As I mentioned in my profile, I will pick you up at the entrance of your hotel, then bring you to Hakkeijima by train. After this short trip, you will be able to buy train ticket and chose right train by yourself. This small but sometime difficult "skill" for visitors make you easy to go anywhere you want.

Let me help you enjoy your Japan visiting!

VisitedFeb 2017

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