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This onsen is one of the best hot spring resorts in the Kyushu region, and famous for its alkaline quality that supposedly contributes to beautiful skin. Around 50 onsen ryokan cluster along the upstream of the Ureshino River, some of which were constructed in 1830. Legend has it that Empress Jingu in the 3rd century, after noticing her soldiers from a battle reinvigorated in this onsen, cried out "ureshii" (how happy!), the reason the onsen and surrounding area is now called Ureshino.

There is a public footbath called "Siebold", named after a Dutch doctor in Nagasaki who dipped in Ureshino and researched about its hot spring quality in the early 19th century. Try out a local speciality, onsen yudofu, a tofu pot boiled with hot spring water. The area is also known for producing good green teas.

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