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Imari ware(also called Arita ware) are porcelain which have been produced around the town of Arita, in Saga prefecture from around 400 years ago.
There are popular 3 artistic styles of Arita Porcelain ― Ko-Imari, Kakiemon, and Nabeshima wares.
Imari ware/Arita ware are light and delicate and both have excellent durability because their porcelain is produced from porcelain stone. Their characteristics are a fine, smooth texture and a color scheme of dyed indigo and bright red asbolite on transparent white porcelain.

In 16th century, pottery techniques were brought from Korea and developed uniquely in Saga. Today, highly artistic pottery is being produced. And in 17th century, products were exported through the Dutch East India Company and were hugely popular at the Paris Expo in 1867. Then from the late-17th century, Imari ware products especially the Kakiemon-style ware began shipping to Europe and the elegant porcelain attracted royals and nobles. Imari ware played a huge part in the boom of Japanism in Europe.

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