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On 3rd January, two groups of half-naked men compete for a lucky 8kg ball at Hakozaki-gu Shrine. The wooden ball 28cm in diameter will be carried some 250m to the shrine in prayer for a rich harvest and a large fish catch. It is just fun to look at some 300 men wearing only loincloths chase a ball amid cries of "oisa, oisa!".

The men are divided into the Land Team, made up of people working on land, and the Sea Team comprised of fishermen. There will be a year of good harvest or a bumper catch, depending on which team wins and hands the ball over to the priest. The shrine is one of three major Hachiman shrines in Japan, and the festival dates back over 500 years.

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4.03 weeks ago

Hojoya festival is during 12-18 September 2018.When I visited at 16.9.2018 , Sunday
12:00 Martial arts performance
13:00 Dedication performance
14:30 Orio Kagura (Shinto music and dance) were had been held.

4.03 weeks ago

It's for the god of Victory. So this year Softbank Hawks will win!!!

3.0a month ago

Went to the festival on Sunday the 16th. Very crowded, but pretty neat.

5.0a year ago

Must visit if you are in the neighborhood. There was a traditional dance when we were there on monday morning. Have a coffee in the bakery in front.

5.02 years ago

A historic shrine. Access was closed but you can visit a nice hydrangea garden behind the shrine.

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