Shinyokohama Ramen Museum

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Shinyokohama Ramen Museum4.2

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If you like to eat Japan's best selection of ramen in a retro environment, this is the must-go. Put the "museum" in quote, as this is basically a food court specializing in ramen and confections. Below ground is a huge atrium with two floors, themed in a style of the late 1950s streets. There is a square in the center, surrounded by shops in two levels.

Each establishment, background picture and light setting is very atmospheric, attracting ramen gourmands since 1993. Ramen shops are from all over Japan, such as Sapporo, Yamagata and Kumamoto, and they are changed from time to time. The ground floor a space for exhibits and shops selling products. It is 5-minute walk from Shinyokohama Station.

Purposenow this is Japanese cuisine,Gourmet,women,kids,reasonable,men
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5.03 months ago

A very cool museum. Relatively short walk from the station and cheap to enter. There are a good number of ramen stalls to choose from, many of which allowing you to get a half portion so you can try different places. Two or three of the stalls were vegan friendly. Definitely worth a visit if you're in the area and are a fan of ramen.

1.02 months ago

Like most of the one star reviews (which I should have read before visiting), you're paying to enter a food court. The "museum" is a wall of the history of ramen. Read the other one star reviews for all the reasons this stop isn't worth it. The ramen we tried was really tasty, but just not worth the extra cost of admission and hassle of not being able to try multiple restaurants. Museum is a five minute walk through. Wish they'd make a communal area so we could try multiple restaurants.

5.02 months ago

I like Ramen, very delicious food in Japan ❤️❤️❤️
There are many kind of Ramen, you can chose any you want

I will visit again

5.0a month ago

Amazing ramen and many to choose from, also the atmosphere is really worth visiting for. Also admission is not that expensive.

5.04 months ago

Awesome Ramen museum. Love that we can try so many different types of Ramen and also learn the history of it. It is a must visit for visitors.

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