Shinyokohama Ramen Museum

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Shinyokohama Ramen Museum4.2

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If you like to eat Japan's best selection of ramen in a retro environment, this is the must-go. Put the "museum" in quote, as this is basically a food court specializing in ramen and confections. Below ground is a huge atrium with two floors, themed in a style of the late 1950s streets. There is a square in the center, surrounded by shops in two levels.

Each establishment, background picture and light setting is very atmospheric, attracting ramen gourmands since 1993. Ramen shops are from all over Japan, such as Sapporo, Yamagata and Kumamoto, and they are changed from time to time. The ground floor a space for exhibits and shops selling products. It is 5-minute walk from Shinyokohama Station.

Purposenow this is Japanese cuisine,Gourmet,women,kids,reasonable,men
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5.02 weeks ago

A must if you're in Shin-Yokohama. Wander around old fashioned streets and take the opportunity to try different Ramen from different areas. They are all too yummy and just too much for a single visit!

4.04 weeks ago

I wish this museum were bigger! It is very small, but the entrance ticket is very cheap, so it's fine. I wish the old-timey walkway were more interactive, or at least had some informative displays. Had ramen in the basement and that was nice.

The history and whatnot on the top floor were great. The friends I was with told me it had been recently renovated and looked a lot better than before.

5.0a week ago

Fantastic experience. Come early to avoid long lines. The prices are high given its a museum. The experience alone was fun

5.0a month ago

Great place to try lots of types of Ramen. Mini bowls are still quite large as mentioned! Drinks at the bar are nice and even though food stops being served at 9:30pm it's open till 10pm. Superb theming and the Ramen itself is of great quality. Pricing is around 600jpy per mini plus an entrance fee. Would certainly stay nearby in the future to try them all!

5.0in the last week

Bring cash. There is an entrance fee too.
Go for half bowls, try as much as possible.
Good priced food. It's basically an underground 1950s Ramen area theme park.

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