Shinyokohama Ramen Museum

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Shinyokohama Ramen Museum4.2

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If you like to eat Japan's best selection of ramen in a retro environment, this is the must-go. Put the "museum" in quote, as this is basically a food court specializing in ramen and confections. Below ground is a huge atrium with two floors, themed in a style of the late 1950s streets. There is a square in the center, surrounded by shops in two levels.

Each establishment, background picture and light setting is very atmospheric, attracting ramen gourmands since 1993. Ramen shops are from all over Japan, such as Sapporo, Yamagata and Kumamoto, and they are changed from time to time. The ground floor a space for exhibits and shops selling products. It is 5-minute walk from Shinyokohama Station.

Purposenow this is Japanese cuisine,Gourmet,women,kids,reasonable,men
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5.0a month ago

I knew it was a busy place on weekends so I went on a Wednesday. No waiting in line for anything! And it was so amazing. Actors were out dressed in the historical clothing and a couple of performances were held. Of course, if you like taking photos this is the perfect place to be! The lighting, architecture, everything was incredible! Would definitely recommend!

5.0a month ago

I had a pleasant experience here. The interior of the building is very well done (feels convincing and fun to explore), while the food is also great. It is easy to create a food amusement park, but difficult to create a perfect experience like this. Everything was much better than I expected and easy to enjoy. I will return soon!

4.02 weeks ago

Great ramen noodles at shop no 6. You decide which shop you will eat at, queue and then order from computer screen before you enter actual restaurant. Great experience and would eat there again.

1.03 weeks ago

It does have a lot of shops inside, I believed that every shops have their own signature dish. But too bad, there's no common tables which u can buy from every store & eat at one go. They only limit u to that store itself. & when u order 1 dish, only 1 person is allowed to enter & sit (even my visit time is 9pm, almost closing time & no other customer they also not allow)... So I feel it defeat the purpose of having so many stalls but u can't enjoy all the store?
& the 1 bowl that I tried... Too salty! I had those outside (either 1 of them), also feel better...

2.0a month ago

Very poorly handled.
The atmosphere is PERFECT on the two food floors, and there are so many different places to choose from - which is exactly the problem. All "shops" without exception require each person to order one item, nearly all the dishes are full size and full price, so you can't really try more than one place - so what's the point of having them all in one place and charging an entrance fee?
If only the portions were a third of the size and you could move from one place to another this could have been great, there is so much potential, it is such a huge shame.

Skip this museum.

Just go to a regular ramen place.

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