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Sightseeing information about Ryugado Cave in Japan.

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This limestone cave 20km northeast of the city of Kochi has a labyrinth of white walls and columns. A total of 24 tunnels are criss-crossed in 4km in total length, 1km of which is open to the public. You can take a 30-min ordinary route, or a 90-min adventure route with reservation, to view pillars up to 10m in height and 4m in diameter.

Some streams on the slopes of Mt Sampo flows down 60m underground, forming 20 or so waterfalls in the cave. This place was home to early men about 2000 years ago, and plenty of artifacts including earthenware have been excavated here. The cave is one of Japan's three major limestone caverns, along with Ryusendo in Iwate and Akiyodo in Yamaguchi.

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4.03 weeks ago

An interesting tourist spot in Kochi. The cave is cool no matter the season, so I recommend it for summer, or a rainy day! I've visited twice now. It's a nice walk through the cave, and the inside is beautiful. There's a street along the way with shops and a lovely cafe, too.

5.09 months ago

Absolutely stunning we thought this place is a hidden gem. Not recommended if you don't like confined spaces... climbing steep steps or narrow low areas. Kid's loved it and were fascinated by the light show especially at the end. Highly recommended if you get the chance to visit... avoid carrying bags if you can.

5.09 months ago

Absolutely stunning! It's not for someone who doesn't like confined spaces though. Worth every penny if the money goes onto preservation of these wonderful caves. My children loved it. The show at the end had us all mesmerized.

4.07 months ago

It is costly but worth it...a beauty of nature. Warm in winter and cool in summer. Some places are quite narrow and low ceiling. A lot of stairs to reach the cave and inside, too. Pity that the black ugly cables aee running around and visible inside...
Just before the end of the route, there is a projection mapping of image of the stone age or something.

5.0a year ago

It was so amazing and wonderful. the most exciting is you can see a kind of animation show at the end of trail.

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