Shimanto River

Sightseeing information about Shimanto River in Japan.

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With untouched forests and no dams in its surroundings, this river is known to be among the most pristine in Japan. The 196km river, the longest in Shikoku Island, winds its way through the western part of the island to empty into the Pacific Ocean. The area has a heavy amount of precipitation, and around 50 bridges are without guardrails to reduce resistance of the water flow and prevent them from being washed away.

Fishing has long been active on this river, and you can view various traditional fishing techniques - a huge net flung far from the boat (nage-ami), a basket of bamboo branches (shibazuke) to catch freshwater prawns and eels, or torch flaming (hiburi) for night fishing. There are a variety of sightseeing boats to watch, and even experience, these fishing techniques.

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