Yosakoi Festival

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The city of Kochi celebrates a summer dancing festival with a wide variety of music, vibrant colors of costumes, and the sound of clapping instruments. During 9-12th of August, some 150 teams involving 16,000 people take to the streets and stages to the cadence of samba, rock, hiphop, flamenco and sappy folk songs. The festival was started in 1954, relatively new among Japanese summer festivals, to compete with Awa-odori Festival in Tokushima.

The reason this event is very popular is a great amount of liberty in routines and artistic expression. There are only two rules participants have to follow - use of wooden clappers, called naruko, which were originally employed to scare birds out of farming fields, and use of the traditional Yosakoi dance song in their any arrangement of music. Watch for yourself the creativity and originality of arranged music, costumes and choreography.

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