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Under the suspension bridge linking Shikoku and Awaji Island, waters rushes between the Seto Inland Sea and the Pacific Ocean to form impressive whirlpools. The speed of the whirlpools is as fast as 20km per hour in spring and autumn, making it the 4th fastest in the world. During spring tides (at full moon and new moon), which occur every two weeks, the whirlpools grow up to 30m in diameter.

The promenade of Ohnaruto Bridge offers a great view of whirlpools 45m below through glass floors. Cruise boats depart both from the Shikoku and Awaji Island sides, touring 30-60 minutes passing close to the whirlpools. The phenomenon typically seen twice a day, between high to low tides, usually lasting 2 to 3 hours. Check the tide schedule in advance.

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