Oboke and Koboke Gorges

Sightseeing information about Oboke and Koboke Gorges in Japan.

Oboke and Koboke Gorges4.3

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Oboke and Koboke are a series of narrow gorges upstream of the Yoshino River. The gorges make up a 8km ravine flanked with natural statues and carvings of marble, some of which resemble various animals in shape. The area attracts tourists for sightseeing boats and outdoor activists for whitewater raftging and kayaking.

The swirling rapids and ragged rocky walls give the names Oboke ('big dangerous steps') and Koboke ('small dangerous steps') to this area. Views are wonderful from the observation platforms along the JR Dosan Line and Rte 32. Over Mount Kunimi (1409m) on the east lies another tourist destination, Iya Valley.

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