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Omogo Gorge4.5

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Omogo Gorge, located 40km east of Matsuyama city, is surrounded by lofty peaks in the Shikoku region. The V-shaped gorge is 10km long and at 650m above sea level, and flows on the southern slope of Mount Ishizuchi (1,982m), the highest peak in Western Japan. This place is particularly popular during autumn when the gorge is lit up by colored leaves.

At the entrance to the gorge stands a museum that exhibits the area's geology and life of mountain ascetics. There are two trails - one to mainly enjoy the scenery of turquoise waters and 100m-tall granite cliffs, and the other to explore a series of sharply eroded rocks of strange shapes. A trailhead at the camp ground will lead you to an observatory at 860m. Prepare good walking shoes.

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5.0a year ago

Absolutely the best autumn color spot we have seen on our Shikoku trip. Superb photography opportunities on the drive up. We had to stop so many times to take photos because the scenes were so stunning. The trees and river scenes are so tranquil.

4.02 years ago

A jungle, pure water and good landscape. If you love plants and clean water rivers. There you go.

5.02 years ago

No words for such an earthly paradise

5.08 months ago

It is a valley that shines in emerald green. Eventually it will turn to Niyodo Blue. If you walk along the promenade from Goshokugawara for about 10 minutes, you will arrive at Horai Gorge next to the first campsite, and in about 5 minutes you will reach the autumn leaves riverbank, and if you go further back, you will reach Shimokumabuchi, Kamikumabuchi, Ishibakiyama Trailhead, Toraga. There are waterfalls and lots of attractions. The road is almost flat, the distance is a little over 1 km, and I think it takes about 1 hour to walk normally. If you want to relax on the riverbank, which is the most famous spot, you won't get bored even if you spend a day. We recommend not only seeing the Goshokugawara and the rock walls of the turtle belly, but also taking a walk.
I posted a review of Teppoishi River, but since it was newly registered, I will post it there. Since it is the same Omogo Gorge, I will leave the photo and post another photo (similar (-_-;)) on the Teppoishi River. It doesn't take long to get to the Teppoishi River and the area around the campsite, and the scenery is wonderful, so please stop by.
Images of Kirigasako Falls, Toragataki Falls, Moss Pier, etc. have been added. Details will be posted on YouTube's "Ehime Exploration Channel". If you can see that too, you can see the whole picture of Omogo Gorge.

5.02 months ago

I went from Kochi, but I was guided by the navigation around Ikegawa, and I was only worried about the road on a considerable mountain road.
Just go and you're already sick ...
I felt that it took about twice as long as the actual time. To be honest, I don't recommend this path.
I was pretty tired when I arrived at Omogo Gorge, but I did my best to walk.
It seems that there are several walking courses.
I walked a short course of about 20 minutes one way starting from the front.
The color of the river is deep green or amber, and it attracts various expressions depending on the location and the amount of light.
The surface of the water was shining with light and it was very beautiful.
I made a round trip and returned to the car, and from there I drove further to Goshokugawara. From the Goshoku Bridge, you can see a unique landscape of flat rocks and clear clear river water.
The same river is called the Omogo River in Ehime Prefecture and the Niyodo River in Kochi Prefecture, but it is very beautiful because it is located in the upper reaches.
The atmosphere was different from the Yasui Valley, which is famous for Niyodo Blue. It was impressive that this was like a cliff on a precipitous cliff. It seems that there are more attractions if you go to the back, but the range you can go for a walk seems to be limited.
It seems that you need equipment even if you want to go to Goraikou Falls, and it seems to be quite difficult unless you are accustomed to the mountains.
This time, I went home leisurely on this riverbank. It's a long way, but it was a place I wanted to come back to again.
I didn't want to go back the same way as I went, so it was dramatically easier and faster when I returned by the route from Mikawa to Ochi-cho.
It was a good lesson that you shouldn't believe too much in navigation.

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