Kankakei Gorge

Sightseeing information about Kankakei Gorge in Japan.

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Kankakei Gorge at the center of Shodo-shima Island is considered one of Japan's three most beautiful gorges. The bedrock created by volcanic activities 13 million years ago have gradually been eroded to form the ravine with strange-shaped rocks and bluffs. The ropeway here is said to be Japan's only one that offers the sweeping views of the sky, sea and ravine at the same time.

There is a hiking trail that leads you in about an hour to the observation deck at 777m. From here, you can command an unobstructed view of bridges and islands in the Inland Sea. Alongside the trail, you may find some wild animals such as monkeys. This is a lovely venue to feel abundance of nature to the full.

Purposeelderly,nature,family,mountain climbing,autumn foliage,sightseeing
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