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Ritsurin Garden4.6

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Ritsurin Garden, located 2km south of Takamatsu Station, dates from the 17th century and is considered one of the most graceful gardens in Japan. The 75-hectar garden has 6 ponds and 13 artificial hills, which was originally a stroll garden for local lords. The construction took more 100 years to completed and charged by 5 generations of the Matsudaira clan. The south half is a traditional stroll garden and the north half is designed with a modern taste.

The highlights include elegantly pruned 1,400 pine trees, two outlooks atop the hills, large ponds with ornamental carp and tortoises, teahouses offering green tea, and a boat cruise in the southern most pond. Cherry blossoms are all over in spring and the backdrop of nearby Mount Shiun offers wonderful maple colors in autumn. The night illumination is also fantastic.

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5.03 months ago

Certainly one of the most beautiful gardens in Japan. Our second visit. The fall colours were unfortunately not at their peak this time, but it wasn’t raining, and there is so much else to see - especially the 1400 pine trees of very kind, size, and shape imaginable! Highly recommended.

5.05 months ago

I didn't have any expectations from this garden but I was very pleasantly surpised. I spent hours there and wouldn't mind staying even longer. Would love to see it in different seasons too. I have visited 2 of "Three Great Gardens of Japan" previously but this one was much better than those, in my opinion.

5.05 months ago

Nice place to hang out. I always look forward to Autumn and Spring highlight events!

5.0a week ago

Just stunning from the first step in the entrance. Takamatsu is worth a visit just for this park. Kind of place where you cannot see the its beauty through photos.

5.06 months ago

My favorite garden in Japan! Absolutely beautiful, and well worth a short train ride from Okayama Station to Takamatsu. I visited in late November, and the fall colors were still spectacular.

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