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This bridge has been Iwakuni's iconic symbol since its construction in 1673. The 200m bridge has five wooden arches, without the use of any nails, that rest on massive stone pillars to cross over the Nishiki River. This is considered one of three most beautiful bridges in Japan, along with Nihonbashi Bridge in Tokyo and Meganebasho ('spectacles bridge') in Nagasaki.

The bridge, modeled on the 6-arch bridge in Hangzhou, China, was commissioned by a feudal lord to withstand floods and had lasted until 1950 when a violent typhoon hit this area. The current bridge is a precise reconstruction of the original completed in 1953. The bridge festival is held on the fourth Sunday of April to celebrate a splendid scenery of 3,000 cherry trees in full bloom.

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4.0a month ago

Really pretty in the morning with the reflection of the bridge off of the calm river. You can cross the river on the bridge for a fee. It was honor system based when I showed up. Note: it's not suitable to take a touring bike across since there are steps up and down each arc (sorry didn't realize what I was getting into. I tried to be as careful as possible taking my bike across).

For 300 yen it's not worth crossing imo. The bridge is more interesting as a view from afar.

5.03 months ago

Peaceful and beautiful scenery. The unique part of this bridge is that it is constructed without any nails, but using the olden method of wood joints. You can go down to the the stream below the bride to have a full view and the nicely curve of the bridge. The water is very cooling too.

5.0a month ago

One of the three most scenic views in Japan. A must see if you are visiting Japan. Visiting during the cherry blossom festival is crowded but the most beautiful time to visit.

5.0in the last week

Kintai bridge has several attractions around itself. Whether it's the over 100 flavor ice cream shop or the various food spots, on a sunny day the kintai is a great place to visit. Often fireworks are presented here along with several different festivals and events that can be followed up through the website. It is the first thing someone should do when visiting iwakuni. On top of the mountain across the bridge is the iwakuni castle which can be reached via walking up a trail or rail car. The bridge has undergone several renovations so it is always 100% safe for the whole family. I advise to watch your step when coming on and off the bridge as it is easy to fall.

3.02 weeks ago

A wooden bridge with almost 100 years old, still in good conditions and the water is very clear...also nice mountain view

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This bridge is one of the tree beautiful bridges in Japan. Its unique figure and beautiful scenery of the Kikko park attract lots of travelers all year round.

This bridge is one of the tree beautiful bridges in Japan.
Its unique figure and beautiful scenery of the Kikko park attract lots of travelers all year round.

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