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This bridge has been Iwakuni's iconic symbol since its construction in 1673. The 200m bridge has five wooden arches, without the use of any nails, that rest on massive stone pillars to cross over the Nishiki River. This is considered one of three most beautiful bridges in Japan, along with Nihonbashi Bridge in Tokyo and Meganebasho ('spectacles bridge') in Nagasaki.

The bridge, modeled on the 6-arch bridge in Hangzhou, China, was commissioned by a feudal lord to withstand floods and had lasted until 1950 when a violent typhoon hit this area. The current bridge is a precise reconstruction of the original completed in 1953. The bridge festival is held on the fourth Sunday of April to celebrate a splendid scenery of 3,000 cherry trees in full bloom.

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5.0in the last week

Very beautiful view...
Ancient bridge...
Made from wood...
Very long long time ago..
Nice environment...
With traditional boat...
And traditional fishing too..
Very very pleasant place

5.03 months ago

Wish the Sakura flowers were in bloom to see the full beauty of the bridge. But it was just as beautiful. It was a very unique foot bridge with the arches.
Didn't expect people to actually have to walk up and down those arches with steps. But it was a nice surprise.
The walk up to the bridge was also an experience of the more village like atmosphere of Japan.
The nearest railway station was unmanned and it had the smallest trains, just one carriage which was more like a bus. This made getting to the bridge a unique experience.

5.02 months ago

Been here a few times already, always fun to go to. Absolutely beautiful during cherry blossom season. Even without the sakura, still a great place to come and relax. One thing I admire about Japan is their dedication to the preservation of historical landmarks/temples. The bridge is 346 years old!

4.02 months ago

Cool bridge but costs a bit of money to cross. Plenty of local shops for food and souvenirs. A bit far by public transport from Hiroshima City, though. A car or tour bus would be much more convenient. This is my second time here and driving was much better than trains and buses.

4.03 months ago

Love the town. What I thought about here is that you need to buy a ticket for crossing the iconic bridge, but after at around 5pm, there is no one who check your ticket. Almost every shops and sightseeing spots close at approximately 4pm. So you should go here by the time just so you know. You also can see beautiful plum blossoms before cherry blossoms season.

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This bridge is one of the tree beautiful bridges in Japan. Its unique figure and beautiful scenery of the Kikko park attract lots of travelers all year round.

This bridge is one of the tree beautiful bridges in Japan.
Its unique figure and beautiful scenery of the Kikko park attract lots of travelers all year round.

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