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This bridge has been Iwakuni's iconic symbol since its construction in 1673. The 200m bridge has five wooden arches, without the use of any nails, that rest on massive stone pillars to cross over the Nishiki River. This is considered one of three most beautiful bridges in Japan, along with Nihonbashi Bridge in Tokyo and Meganebasho ('spectacles bridge') in Nagasaki.

The bridge, modeled on the 6-arch bridge in Hangzhou, China, was commissioned by a feudal lord to withstand floods and had lasted until 1950 when a violent typhoon hit this area. The current bridge is a precise reconstruction of the original completed in 1953. The bridge festival is held on the fourth Sunday of April to celebrate a splendid scenery of 3,000 cherry trees in full bloom.

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5.02 months ago

Beautiful bridge!
Highly recommend visiting this bridge during cherry blossoms season. If you’re a photographer and want photos of the cherry blossoms without the crowds, go early in the morning. Typically, they start blooming the end of March/beginning of April each year.
Also recommend going for the annual fireworks. The fireworks are typically held on the first Saturday of August every year. It’s hot and it’s crowded, but the fireworks are amazing.

5.0in the last week

Amazingly beautiful place! And for whatever reason soft ice cream is the thing with over 170 flavours....a hillside cable car and castle at the top are other options...

5.03 months ago

Very beautiful view...
Ancient bridge...
Made from wood...
Very long long time ago..
Nice environment...
With traditional boat...
And traditional fishing too..
Very very pleasant place

4.0in the last week

This place exceeded my expectation. I was in Iwakuni for business and wasn't too high on tourism and entertainment prior to coming. This bridge was literally the only tourist spot in the area, but it is done very well. There is a ton of feasible parking and a plenty of restaurants and cafés once you cross the bridge. The whole area in the other side is maintained very well, lots of traditional buildings and gardens. It feels like you have come to a completely different place.

They charge a modest fee to cross it, and the package deal with lift ride up the mountain and the castle is a good deal - you can make a whole day out of it.

Once thing you should be aware of here is that you can't take food back to the town side of the bridge from the park side where all the restaurants and cafés are. I had to make my flight and wanted to take my ice cream back across the bridge, and the guides at the bridge post told me I had to eat it on this side or dispose it before crossing it. Makes sense business and maintenance wise. I can respect that.

4.02 months ago

Videotape bridge. There’s a food festival at night and vendors start setting up early afternoon. Tons of people swimming and enjoying the cool water in the hot summer days. They take the ticket when you go back from the castle side.

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This bridge is one of the tree beautiful bridges in Japan. Its unique figure and beautiful scenery of the Kikko park attract lots of travelers all year round.

This bridge is one of the tree beautiful bridges in Japan.
Its unique figure and beautiful scenery of the Kikko park attract lots of travelers all year round.

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