Oumijima Island

Sightseeing information about Oumijima Island in Japan.

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Oumi-jima Island, off the north coast of Nagato, has a large number of queer-looking rocks carved out by the winds and waves of the Sea of Japan. Also called the "Sea Alps", this is a natural monument of sculpture with caves, bluffs and pillars. Take a 1-hour cruise aboard a blue whaled-shaped boat to explore the island's 40km of circumference. You will be stroked by a gentle sea breeze and struck by the stunning beauty of the island.

This area is rich in fish catches and there are various restaurants featuring seafood such as sea urchins and squids. Fish cake (kamaboko) made from local catches and a bowl of rice with raw fish on top (kaisendon) are recommended delicacies. Yakitori skewers are also well known on this island.

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