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This cave in the Akiyoshidai Plateau is the largest limestone cave in Asia. With an average height of 30m, it stretches about 10km plastered all over with natural limestone, 1km of which is open to the public. The plateau was once a coral reef and has been gradually eroded by rainwater over millions of years, resulting in the landscape called karst topography.

The iconic spot here is Golden Pillar, a giant yellowish column with vertical streaks, 15m tall and 4m wide. Other types of natural carvings include numerous water-filled limestone terraces, cone-like pillars as large as 5m in diameter, and the vast ceiling of icicle-like formations. The underground river is flowing and you need a good pair of walking shoes. About 10 minutes on foot from the elevator exit, there is an observation deck to offer a good view of the plateau.

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5.03 weeks ago

Lots of walking, good shoes recommended. Cool inside, Damp as well. Great for outdoors people or people liking more physical activities. Lots of uneven surfaces as well. Very scenic! Loved it!!

5.02 months ago

Amazing cave. In total about 1000m long, divided into 2 parts. You can start at either end. It's been modernized and lit so that it isn't dark. There are no bathrooms inside, so make sure you go before you enter (either entrance has restrooms).
If you listen you can hear the bats above you, we noticed a few of them as we went through.
There are handrails on most of the walk, but it is wet, so wear shoes with good grip. We went in the summer and we weren't that cold just wearing long 👖 jeans and T-shirts.
There are various explanations recorded in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese at stops, just click the green button for the audio you want. All the signs are bilingual Japanese and English. There are signs at the gates in English, too.
Parking is more expensive the closer you get. We parked a bit out (only 6 min walk) for only 200 yen.

5.0a month ago

Gorgeous and 100% worth the trip and visit if you’re in Yamaguchi!!!

Such a neat, movie-like experience you won’t soon forget!

Highest recommendation.

Lots of walking required - definitely suggest wearing comfortable shoes with good grip as it tends to be a tad slippery.

In all, the caves are about 1 KM from start to finish! Even if it’s raining outside you can still enjoy the experience! Plenty of parking available, and there’s a bus that runs from one side to the other!

5.04 months ago

Absolutely amazing sightseeing event.
They started work on this cave in 1925 with a few electric lights, and now they have a complete concrete walkway with high tech lights and sound for info in 5 different languages along the way.
It's kind of like walking through a James Bond movie set!

4.04 months ago

Nice and cooling place to visit during the summer season. My 3 kids had such a great time exploring the cave. I felt the pinch that tourists do not enjoy the 700 yen rate anymore but need to pay the full price which is quite expensive. I was told they just took away the 700 yen rate in April 2019.

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