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Kamon Wharf is a 3-story dinning and shopping complex adjacent to the fish market. You can find all kinds of eateries and souvenir shops that promote local seafood specialties. The dining section includes restaurants serving fugu blowfish, raw fish (sashimi), whale meat and eels, complete with a conveyer-belt sushi shop and izakaya joints. Ice cream flavored with sea urchin and burgers with roasted fugu are also available.

The boardwalk in front is romantically lit in the evening, providing good views of the Kanmon Strait with a distant bridge. There are a pair of lighthouses standing at the end of two juts , white and red, fish boats coming to the fish market. A few minutes' walk takes you to an aquarium and two shrines.

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4.03 months ago

The Kamon Wharf shopping mall in the Shimonoseki harbour has a variety of restaurants and souvenir shops. There are beautiful views of the Kaikyokan Aquarium, Kanmon Bridge and the Shimonoseki harbour.

5.0a year ago

Absolutely brilliant! If u r near there, u must go to the fish mkt and have some Sushi!

3.02 years ago

pretty and peaceful seashore street. Enjoyed the promenade here. There is big seafood market, but I was late afternoon about their closing time. I wish I could be there on time to enjoy fresh sushi.

5.0a year ago

Very good location and very nice for sightseeing. There are a lot of small restaurants in the area and most serve Fugu. Tourists flock to this area primarily for sushi, shashimi, and Fugu.

4.0a year ago

Places with many nice Restaurant

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