Shimonoseki Kaikyokan Aquarium

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Shimonoseki Kaikyokan Aquarium4.1

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This aquarium in Shimonoseki city displays around 20,000 undersea creatures of 500 different species in its 65 water tanks. The star creature here is fugu blowfish, whose meat is well-known in Japan as expensive winter-time delicacy. You can see more than 100 different blowfish from all over the world, and one tank is dedicated to a so-called 'tiger puffy', the most expensive groumet blowfish, showing them in different stages of growth.

The tunnel tank, representing the undersea scenery of the nearby Kanmon Strait, is a pleasant promenade. The display of a life-size blue whale's skeleton is the only one available in Japan. The outdoor pool against the background of the strait is a venue of joint performance of dolphins and sea lions. There is also an Italian restaurant with a view of the dolphin tank.

Purposesightseeing,let's hang out!
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4.03 months ago

This was a fun little aquarium in Shimonoseki. Bought tickets at a machine outside (English was an option), and a lot of information in the aquarium was also available in English. Of note are the many species of puffer fish and penguins. In the lobby is a full-size whale skeleton. It is a little pricy, and some of the enclosures seemed small (the seals, especially).

5.08 months ago

Great family destination. Get your seat early for the dolphin show.
Great collection of marine life.
Also, follow the route, it makes things easier.

5.07 months ago

Great place for family. Kids love it. They can see plenty of fish, small to large. Several shows available daily: dolphins, seal, and penguins. Also enjoy the feeding time. "Touch area" is also available. The Puffer fish collection here is the largest in the world. You can buy souvenirs as well as food in the shop. Also visit marketplace and foodcourt nearby to enjoy fugu dishes. Highly recommended.

4.07 months ago

This is my first experience where the aquarium is under the sea beautiful, all variety of fish is there and other mammal, dolphins shows .must visit

5.07 months ago

It is marvelous and clean. Sure, it is an aquarium with intelligent creatures locked in, but it seems they do what they can to do it right.

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