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Yuki Onsen, about 1 hour from the city of Hiroshima, is located along Uchiodani River in the mountains. Legend has it that this hot spring was discovered in the 6th century when people saw a wounded heron taking a dip in the hot spring. The radium composition of the waters is among the world's highest, which contributes to healing qualities for rheumatism, stomach troubles and skin diseases.

The surrounding rich nature with murmuring of the pristine gorge will offer a wonderful immersive experience. The seasonal changes are marvelous, with green shoots in spring, glow worms and singing frogs in summer, maple foliage colors in autumn and snow-covered scenery in winter. The local delicacy is yamafugu (literally 'mountain blowfish'), slices of konnyaku jelly, which are eaten with drops of soy sauce like sashimi.

Purposehealth,nature,hot springs,autumn foliage
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