Hiroshima Bay Cruise Ginga

Sightseeing information about Hiroshima Bay Cruise Ginga in Japan.

Hiroshima Bay Cruise Ginga3.9

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From the port of Hiroshima, this luxurious cruise sets sail into the Seto Inland Sea to make its way to Miyajima, a World Heritage Site. The seasonally distinctive views change along the route, providing away-from-it-all experience. This is the only cruise that allows you to appreciate the iconic symbol of Miyajima - giant torii gate and Itsukushima Shrine, a sheer delight of Japan's beauty - from aboard.

The lunch and dinner is exquisite both in taste and appearance, with seafood and materials fresh from the sea and islands abundantly in use. There is a tour to explore the steering cabin, where you can wear the crew's uniform for a photo opportunity.

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