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Gyokusendo Cave4.2

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This limestone cave in the southernmost area of Okinawa's main island is 5km long, the second of its kind in Japan. Limestone pillars are formed abundantly here because of thick coral layers. The highlights are a huge rock, 20m wide and 2.5m tall, a ceiling hung with no less than 20,000 icicle-like formations, and a limestone curtain which took more than 100,000 years to shape itself.

A route of 850m is open to ordinary tourists, but in summer you can reserve for a guided tour with full-fledged spelunking gear - helmet, headlight, gloves and overalls. You will sometimes have to crawl the narrow opening and wade through water to explore rarely seen formations of limestone. Outside the cave, there are activities such as glass-making, cloth dying and dancing practice.

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5.04 weeks ago

This is, a REAL sacred place in Okinawa.

View's great but we should NOT go like taking a photo of the sisters praying there. It is serious and we should be gentleman/lady there.

It's important to switch our mind to fit the place to go, either to enjoy our trip_

4.0a week ago

A beautiful cave that worth to visit. It takes about 30min to complete to walk. Nice lighting with with soft music that make you feel calmed and relaxed while enjoying the stalactites and stalagmites around the cave.

4.02 months ago

These caves are really cool to see. I thought it would be cold but it was just damp and humid so I was a bit overdressed with my hoodie and long pants. It's bigger inside than I thought it would be but the inside lights and music really set the peaceful mood to enjoy it all! There are some really beautiful parts they did an amazing job at preserving. You have to pay to enter this portion upon arrival to Okinawa world, but worth it if you have never been in the caves!

5.04 months ago

A cool cave to walk under in the hot summer. Bring along a front facing light for your phone so that photos taken can be clearer. There will be some dripping water but it’s a lovely and easy long distance walk underground with some stairs n wet floors. The tickets you bought will include the Caves and Kingdom world. After exiting from caves, there will be some shops and glass souvenirs shop. There are glass making experience here and the glass cups ranges from Y2000-Y8000. Design and colours and prices are definitely better than in Onna glass but it’s a small furnace outside the shop. Not sure how long it will take to receive your finished products. However, if you are looking to buy glass cups and glass earrings and necklaces, there are a lot of varieties here at reasonable prices. You can even make n design your own glass pendant. There’s also a cute game store where you get 5 ping pong balls for Y500 and you can get the cups that your ball enters. A great place for must visit for about 2-3 hrs.

4.03 weeks ago

Not the best cave I have been to and not the prettiest either. But it's large and cooling. Interesting to walk through but you have to Pace yourself so that you don't walk with those large your groups

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It's a natural wonder!

It's a natural wonder!

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