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This limestone cave in the southernmost area of Okinawa's main island is 5km long, the second of its kind in Japan. Limestone pillars are formed abundantly here because of thick coral layers. The highlights are a huge rock, 20m wide and 2.5m tall, a ceiling hung with no less than 20,000 icicle-like formations, and a limestone curtain which took more than 100,000 years to shape itself.

A route of 850m is open to ordinary tourists, but in summer you can reserve for a guided tour with full-fledged spelunking gear - helmet, headlight, gloves and overalls. You will sometimes have to crawl the narrow opening and wade through water to explore rarely seen formations of limestone. Outside the cave, there are activities such as glass-making, cloth dying and dancing practice.

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5.0a year ago

A very unique place to visit in Okinawa. They have wonderfully preserved Japan's biggest cave. Also you can enjoy the place without getting muds and waters - very organized with walkways and stairs

5.0a year ago

Amazing! Much larger and beautiful than anticipated.

5.0a year ago

Enjoy the caves, crafts, and the confections. The Mango shaved ice treat was excellent.

5.011 months ago

Very nice and big cave. Do the explorer experience with the guide, it's aswsame.

5.06 months ago

Spectacular, clean & gorgeous cave!
Great experienced 🤩 located in Okinawa world...🇯🇵🙏👍

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It's a natural wonder!

It's a natural wonder!

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