Yabiji Coral Reefs

Sightseeing information about Yabiji Coral Reefs in Japan.

Yabiji Coral Reefs4.8

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Yabiji is Japan's largest coral reef group located to the north of Miyako Island, spanning 17km north-south and 6.5km east-west. The corals are usually underwater, but they appear above the sea during the spray tide from spring to summer. During the spray time, some clusters of corals look like large 'islands', which are dubbed as 'illusionary continent'.

A traditional festival has been held since ancient times on 3rd March in lunar calendar, when the gap between high and low tides is the largest. Today this festivals attract many tourist with its shell gathering events. Yabiji is a good spot for fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling.

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5.0a month ago

It was a very kind and fun tour.
The coral and fish in Yae-dori are so beautiful that I was impressed. ..
The captain was a very nice person!

3.02 months ago

Smaller than other blue caves ...

5.02 years ago

I joined a half-day snorkel with my husband and two people! ! The sea of ​​Yaeso Yose was so beautiful that I was moved! It was the most fun activity in 5 days!
The service of the people of Azizama was very good, and I was able to enjoy Yaesu Yose!
I could see the turtle, and I was very happy with the halisenbon too!

5.02 years ago

I participated in the half-day course. The weather was good and I went around three places and could see various sea faces. The staff is also interesting and humorous. I took a camera and took a sea turtle at the service! You will have a really good time. Please think about it.

4.02 years ago

This time, it is used for snorkeling in Jabiji. I did not feel dissatisfied with the response, and I felt that the polite explanation was also positive. Because the sea conditions of the day were not so good, the only negative point was that there was a limit to the points that we could go to.

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