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Ishigaki Island, 400km southwest of the Okinawa main island, is the most developed in the Yaeyama group. A new airport opened in 2013, connecting directly with Tokyo and Osaka. The island is best known for its white-sand beaches, snorkeling in the lagoon and diving in the surrounding coral reefs. One of the best diving spots is Manta Scramble, where a large number of mantas flock together.

Renting a car at the airport is highly recommended to tour around the island in a loop. Kabira Bay is among the most beautiful with its emerald-blue lagoon and clump-like islets. The island's highest peak, Omoto-dake (525m), provides good hiking trails and observation platforms. There are many headlands to view a sunset in the sea. Coming back to the town, you can have a perfect end to the day out with gorgeous seafood and local brews and lice liquors.

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