Nakama River

Sightseeing information about Nakama River in Japan.

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The Nakama River, which flows in the south side of Iriomote Island, is surrounded by Japan's largest expanse of mangrove forest. The area is occupied by 160 hectares of tropical trees and shrubs, accounting for 25% of the mangrove grown in the country. The forest is registered as a nature conservation zone by the government.

The best attraction here is a 1-hour cruise to take a close glimpse at this natural environment. Another fun is the Panorama View Lunch tour, which offers a trail walk to the observation deck to eat lunch with 360-degree views. If you are interested in more athletic events, you can take part in an ecology friendly tour to paddle a canoe with your own arms. You may spot on of several rare animals, including Iriomote wildcat and crested serpent eagle, both of which are national special natural monuments.

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