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Mariyudu Waterfall4.5

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Located in the northwest of Iriomote Island, this huge sliding waterfall in the jungle attracts trekkers and nature lovers. The 20m-high waterfall has two gentle cascades stretching 50m wide and 200m long and ending in a round pool with 130m in diameter. The name Mariyudu means 'round backwater' in the local language.

Take a cruise boat at the mouth of the Urauchi River and go upstream for 10km in the mangrove forests inhabited by tropical birds rarely seen elsewhere. The 45-minute walk on a nature trail takes you to the waterfall, and another 250m to a different waterfall. En route, there is a lookout offering good views of the waterfall, and you might see giant lizards (max 30cm), which is a national special natural monument.

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4.09 months ago

Easy to moderate hike to Maryudu falls. They still didn’t fix the staircase, which was destroyed during a typhoon. Anyway it’s dangerous to get closer to the fall. Beautiful views of the forest too.

5.010 months ago

Very beautiful waterfall. We came on a rainy day so it was swollen, loud and really impressive (even a bit scary). In the past there was a staircase that allowed visitors to get very close to the waterfall. But it has recently collapsed, so part of the way is closed off.

5.0a year ago

To get to the start of the hiking trail you must take a boat ride or kayaks. The tour company that offers the boat ride does a round trip for 2,200 yen per person. They come every hour so you can choose to stay as long as you want. We went there for 2hrs and saw both waterfalls and ventures out onto the cross-island hiking trail a little. There are bathrooms at the start of the hike and a few observation lookouts. Note that you must bring your garbage back with you as it’s a nature reserve.

Well worth the boat ride fare to see the beautiful scenery!

5.0a year ago

The best way to get here is by taking a cruise via Urauichigawa Kanko's service (tickets are 2200 yen) , and they will drop you off at the start of a clearly marked trail that is a pleasant, moderate 30min walk to an observation point for the waterfall. From there, you can walk 10min more to see the Mariyudu Falls up close (but you can't go down all the way as access to that route has been blocked off), and 5 min more to the Kampire Falls. Then you can return via the river cruise which runs hourly till 4pm. If you bought an Anei Kanko ticket from Ishigaki to get here, you can get an Anei Kanko shuttle to Ohara port from a bus stop outside the river cruise office if the Uehara ferry service has been cancelled.

4.05 years ago

A nice trek after the boat ride. Worth it even in rain during December. Good trail yet some areas blocked, presumably due to storm damage. Would recommend regardless.

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