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Nago Pineapple Park4.4

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Let's jump on a cute vehicle with pineapple-shaped rooftop and explore the pineapple field! This automated vehicle will show you through a theme park filled with tropical plants and fruits. This is a great place to breath refreshing air and sample everything about pineapples - wines, juice, cakes made with pineapples, plus fruits fresh from the trees. Family tourists will find this place very enjoyable.

The Palm Tree restaurant in the park, offers Okinawa's specialities including the famous tako-rice (taco-flavored beef and rice) and goya champuru (bitter melon stir-fry). The most amazing is the 37cm-tall pineapple parfait, which you might want to share with friends and families. Pineapple-related products abound in the souvenir shops.

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5.07 months ago

I've been visiting this place regularly since 2010. I've seen it change over the years and it's never disappointed. Perfect half day trip for the family or a great place for a date. Beautiful botanical garden to walk through while learning a few facts about pineapples along the way. There are places to sample the different pineapple themed fares in the various gift shops. I highly recommend grabbing a bottle or two of the pineapple wine!

4.05 months ago

Good value. We enjoyed the automated golf cart that kids "steer" while riding through that section. Nice scenery of plants and baby pineapples growing. Plenty of picture spots. Excellent animatronic dinosaur section, which makes the next-door dinosaur park redundant. Beautiful flowers, very well taken care of. Only issue is the park trying to sell you photos of you for $12 each or local pineapples for $16. Utter rip-off there. Pricey pineapple wine too that can be bought in the extensive souvenir section.

4.04 months ago

4 stars today, there was construction. The place is definitely worth the trip and entry fee. Fun automated cards give you an initial tour. You then walk around a lot of plants and pineapples. You are funneled through a few shops. There are samples of food items for sale. Bonus: 3 star dinosaur park built in for free. Definitely approved for all ages. Get the sparkling ice! It's like pop rocks and a popsicle mixed. Ours explored a little. Friendly staff. Bug spray recommend. Cute little photo-op spots all over the place. 5 stars if everything was open and construction wasn't bothering us.

5.05 months ago

Pro: Cheap entrance fee, guided tour on an automatic driving golf cart, dinosaur exhibit area, free parking, train ride, Pineapple everything (ice cream, alcoholic drinks, trinkets, etc.)
Con: Voice of the guided tour is inaudible at times, half the park is selling pineapple related items.
Summary: Very charming if you don't mind them hawking all the pineapple wares. I was actually surprised about all the pineapple related items. All of them ABSOLUTELY delicious!!! Will go again.

5.0in the last week

Fun Place to go. 1000 ¥ a ticket is worth the fun experience. Neat tour and then you get to walk through well maintained gardens. Then tasting of local grown pineapple and juice. Great experience would recommend and its super Cute.

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