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Nago Pineapple Park4.4

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Let's jump on a cute vehicle with pineapple-shaped rooftop and explore the pineapple field! This automated vehicle will show you through a theme park filled with tropical plants and fruits. This is a great place to breath refreshing air and sample everything about pineapples - wines, juice, cakes made with pineapples, plus fruits fresh from the trees. Family tourists will find this place very enjoyable.

The Palm Tree restaurant in the park, offers Okinawa's specialities including the famous tako-rice (taco-flavored beef and rice) and goya champuru (bitter melon stir-fry). The most amazing is the 37cm-tall pineapple parfait, which you might want to share with friends and families. Pineapple-related products abound in the souvenir shops.

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5.0a month ago

The pineapple park was so much fun. It was about 800 ¥ so about 8$. They had English audio for the pineapple kart witch was fun and informative. You walk around the park through the arrows that guide your way it's more like a walking tour than an open park. You will be let to shops where you can sample plenty of pineapple products. I recommend it to any pineapple lovers🍍🍍🍍

5.0a week ago

Great experience. The train from the car park and the cart ride were cute. During the ride, there is explanation. Select your language for the cart ride. There was a free dinosaur exhibit but we ran out of time, so we only passed by them. Pineapple wine has 2 versions, one with sugar and another without. We also enjoyed the beni and pineapple puff sets at the cafe, where you can see the big pineapple. Overall, pretty neat visit for the price.

4.02 months ago

Great place to take the kids. The pineapple however are a tourist trap in price though, but they sell pineapple wine. The admission tickets are fairly cheap. It's a wholesome family time overall.

5.02 weeks ago

Had a great time and 90% is in the shade. More fun for children with dinosaurs and tram ride. Lots of shops, wine tasting and different foods made from pineapple.

3.03 months ago

An odd mix of pineapples, dinosaurs and seashells. As tourist traps go, this place isn't too bad. Friendly staff are not pushy. Kids will love the tram and kart ride, plus the walk through the various gardens. Great way to spend half a day with your kids.

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