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Nago Pineapple Park4.4

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Let's jump on a cute vehicle with pineapple-shaped rooftop and explore the pineapple field! This automated vehicle will show you through a theme park filled with tropical plants and fruits. This is a great place to breath refreshing air and sample everything about pineapples - wines, juice, cakes made with pineapples, plus fruits fresh from the trees. Family tourists will find this place very enjoyable.

The Palm Tree restaurant in the park, offers Okinawa's specialities including the famous tako-rice (taco-flavored beef and rice) and goya champuru (bitter melon stir-fry). The most amazing is the 37cm-tall pineapple parfait, which you might want to share with friends and families. Pineapple-related products abound in the souvenir shops.

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5.02 months ago

My experience at Pineapple Park was amazing. It wasn't too expensive, and it was a great day activity. Although the park itself is much better for kids, there is a really cool winery down there. It includes many facts about how the pineapple is harvested and made into wine. They even have a wine tasting room. The gift shop was so much fun for me. They had such a variety of pineapple foods. I enjoyed that even though I don't really like pineapples, I still had fun. I didn't get many photos, but you can buy professional photos at the end.

5.03 months ago

My husband and I took our 3 year old and we loved it. The tour cars drive themselves so she got to "drive" through the park and she had a blast. The dinosaur adventure is cute and adds something fun for kids. We took tons of cute pictures and the wine tasting at the end is the perfect finisher for the adults. And the cost of the park is super cheap. Can't wait to go back.

5.02 months ago

At first we thought maybe this is a place for kids but afterward we saw it was actually fun and we enjoyed it. There is a tour area theme of dinosaurs which we had good laughs. Also a winery area for those of age can go to.

5.04 months ago

It's a nice place to spend couple of hours. They have pineapple winery and tasting place and mostly shops for selling pineapple products and sweets. They have cool driverless carts to drive you around inside. The Jurassic park themed garden is cool.

5.011 months ago

I had very low expectations for this place given the reviews and our prior visits to the Dole park in Hawaii, but my family absolutely loved this place. The pineapple train from the parking lot, the self-driving pineapple car through the gardens, and the free moving dinosaur exhibit all thrilled our 2 year old. The grown ups loved the wine, juice, and baked goods tasters too. Overall a really fun place for the family during your visit to Nago!

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