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Nago Pineapple Park4.4

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Let's jump on a cute vehicle with pineapple-shaped rooftop and explore the pineapple field! This automated vehicle will show you through a theme park filled with tropical plants and fruits. This is a great place to breath refreshing air and sample everything about pineapples - wines, juice, cakes made with pineapples, plus fruits fresh from the trees. Family tourists will find this place very enjoyable.

The Palm Tree restaurant in the park, offers Okinawa's specialities including the famous tako-rice (taco-flavored beef and rice) and goya champuru (bitter melon stir-fry). The most amazing is the 37cm-tall pineapple parfait, which you might want to share with friends and families. Pineapple-related products abound in the souvenir shops.

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5.03 weeks ago

For the price and experience, you can’t beat it! The park includes a pineapple car ride through a beautiful forest of lush foliage and PINEAPPLES! The ride reminds you of a pineapple themed Jurassic Park, which is fitting considering the bonus Dinosaur walkthrough.

Lastly, there is an included tour of how pineapple wines and liquors are made followed by shops full of fruit based foods and liquors. All in all, great experience that will take about 45 minutes of your day! Enjoy!!

5.0a month ago

Words fail to describe how unbelievable this experience is. Nago Pineapple Park is absurdism at its finest. Honestly, a must visit if you’re in the area. For ¥1000 your senses get completely blasted by pineapples in every imaginable way. This review might come off as sarcasm or satire but I assure you it is anything but that.
Humans of ANY age will have fun here. We are two young adults with an active imagination and sense of humor, and we had an incredibly enjoyable time.
It’s the kind of thing that’s best if you go in without reading about anything before hand. Just let yourself be surprised. 🍍
The only warning I would heed is that there are definitely a lot of mosquitos out and about so be prepared with bug spray.

4.08 months ago

This little park is definitely something I would recommend for children. There is a go cart that self drives throughout the park will taking pictures of you for purchase and telling you all about how the pineapples grow. Very educational! If you wear something that has pineapples on it, you'll get free pineapple sorbet! If you're an adult, I definitely recommend trying the pineapple wine. It's free, just make sure you have a designated driver in your group.

4.07 months ago

The Nago Pineapple Park is great for those with young children. My son thought he was driving the whole time on that driverless cart. The park has a lot of information about pineapple and tons of souvenir that are made out of pineapple. The surprising part is that there's a dinosaur park inside where kids would love it.

2.06 months ago

This place is a total scam racket set up to fleece you of all your money. It starts off fun as you drive around the pineapple farm in the Pineapple express train truck looking at all the cute little pineapples. When you finally arrive at the station, you are transferred to a self driving golf cart that drives you around the exotic garden inside. You're not allowed to take photos as you go and are stopped at key locations where photos are taken off you and later sold to you for 3000 yen. Then you get to walk around the catwalks above where the golf carts take you, looking at the same plants and flowers you just looked at. The pathway leads you to a snack bar where you can buy pineapple ice cream, pineapple juice, pineapple fruit, and other stuff. Once you leave there it's more walking out to the pineapple fields where you can take a picture with a giant pineapple. All along the walkways they have these little furry pineapple dolls set up that will record and repeat what you say to them. Once you walk through the same areas you just drove through you arrive at the dinosaur section. Why dinosaurs? They are all animatronic and look somewhat real except for the giant caster wheels that are used to move them around. Once you finally get clear of that you arrive at the gift shop. This is a gift shop like no other. It is huge. Bigger than the park. It is in sections so you don't notice how big it is until you escape. They start by serving you wine so as to slow you down. Next comes cake and sweets all pineapple flavored. Then real pineapples and other fruits. Then noodles went on and on and I had to escape. I finally found the exit and sat outside waiting for my family to find me.

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