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Churaumi Aquarium4.6

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This aquarium is where you can see a huge variety of marine life not found anywhere else. Churaumi means 'beautiful sea' in the local language and striking nature of Okinawa is spreading just before your eyes. The highlight is the massive Kuroshio Tank that shows giant whale sharks and some species of manta rays, which have been successfully nurtured in this aquarium.

There are a tank exhibiting corals, which uses sea waters directly pumped from the nearby area, and another showing deep-sea creatures from 100-700m below the sea level. Various hands-on programs to experience feeding and understand the Kuroshio current are available, which are enjoyable for adults and children alike. This spot belongs at the top of any Okinawa itinerary and absolutely one of the best aquariums in Japan.

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5.02 weeks ago

Definitely the best Aquarium I have ever been to. They have adorable, little garden eels to satisfyingly faced manta rays to big whales! They have a humongous tank as well as lots of little ones too. There is a free park you can roam around in just outside the Aquarium. Had a lovely time watching the trained dolphins flapping around!!!!

4.02 weeks ago

Very impressed
They care so huge aquarium perfectly.
Whale. Manta everything in main Fish bowl seems very great.
But loose one star because of manatee.
For several years... I've been thought of them and one of the reason why visit Okinawa was manatee.
Their circumstances were so bad. Seems so sad as well.
Also dolphin and turtle...too. even their cage seems better.

3.0in the last week

Beautiful aquarium but for me it wasn't worth the time and effort getting there and back.
I spent nearly a full day driving to and from and walking around the aquarium and surrounding grounds.
The whale shark tank is beautiful even though it looks too small for the massive fish.
If you are staying close then I highly recommend spending a few hours there, but if you're staying in Naha for a couple of nights then this activity may take up too much time out of your itinerary.

5.0in the last week

The aquarium is an impressive structure, well laid out, and natural in its flow in that it takes you from shallow habitats to that which houses the 2 whale sharks-impressively large yet docile creatures.
The outdoor exhibits were interesting but not as inviting and impressive as the aquarium itself and made you wonder whether keeping these animals in captivity was the right thing.
We didn’t see the dolphin show, but had been told it was a great one to see. There was also a large outdoor play area for the kiddos.
The food in the café was reasonably priced and hot the spot for a quick snack...and it’s right next to the whale shark tank.
There seemed to be ample (and free) parking.
I think the aquarium is a must-see if you’re visiting Okinawa. ✌🏽

3.0in the last week

Mixed feelings about this aquarium. If you are visiting with kids, it may be a must on your to do list while visiting Okinawa. But as an adult group, we found the aquarium not that extraordinary. Cool to see whale sharks though, but there are better ways to experience the marine life in Okinawa, like scuba diving the many amazing spots here.

Very crowded and at some points, pretty frustrating trying to get through the whole exhibit if you’re not fond of large crowds.

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