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Churaumi Aquarium4.6

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This aquarium is where you can see a huge variety of marine life not found anywhere else. Churaumi means 'beautiful sea' in the local language and striking nature of Okinawa is spreading just before your eyes. The highlight is the massive Kuroshio Tank that shows giant whale sharks and some species of manta rays, which have been successfully nurtured in this aquarium.

There are a tank exhibiting corals, which uses sea waters directly pumped from the nearby area, and another showing deep-sea creatures from 100-700m below the sea level. Various hands-on programs to experience feeding and understand the Kuroshio current are available, which are enjoyable for adults and children alike. This spot belongs at the top of any Okinawa itinerary and absolutely one of the best aquariums in Japan.

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5.03 weeks ago

Went there as a part of study trip with around 30 friends from the same university.
We has a lot of fun there.
First of all, absolutely loved the aquarium. First time seeing this kind of huge one. The sharks 🦈 were absolutely adorable. Whale sharks were so peaceful, gorgeous in their calm movements.
Secondly the nature outside is even more beautiful. So wide, you can enjoy the sea 🌊 view. The water is clear blue and waves are making just the perfect noice. Plus, the fresh wind is right what we need after stressful semester!
Thirdly, the gorgeous and simple concrete outside view of aquarium finishes the final part of traveling there.
I was mostly caught up with these parts, while my friends enjoyed the dolphins show. So, everyone got what they needed.
Recommend for everyone, every couple and every family. It is definitely worth going to aquarium!
(Trip on 30th January of 2020)

5.03 months ago

Took a lady friend here for a date. We both enjoyed the place, we got to see a lot of marine life for the first time because of the vast variety of sea creatures that they had. The place itself was clean and organized. It was big enough to explore for an hour or two but you can definitely sit down, have a conversation and stay longer to watch fishes, sharks and whales like we did. We had a magical experience and I know that with the right person you will too!

4.0a month ago

I love this aquarium, but not for the reasons you'd think. Whale sharks are facinating and all, but many facilities around the world keep them. The real, overlooked gem of Okinawa Churaumi is the vast collection of deep sea fish and invertebrates that have been recovered and treated that no other aquariums possess, it's incredibly unique.

What prevents Churaumi from receiving a 5 star from me is that in the summer months it is absolutely flooded with Chinese tourists that are generally very rude and pushy, sometimes blocking you from being able to see the smaller exhibits all together. It really takes you out of the experience, but it isn't the fault of the aquarium.

5.02 weeks ago

A great white shark whom was taken from his habitat was placed here, The cause of his death is obvious: captivity. He swam in endless circles and was deprived of everything that was natural to him. To me in my visit seeing him die this way was unbelievable, 3 day after he was discarded as if nothing occurred. This place is called the best aquarium in the world but to the living beings who are removed from their homes, this is hell.
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5.04 months ago

The top attraction when visiting Okinawa. Really fun day to spend with your kids. The location is magnificent and the view of the ocean is amazing.

There are a number of attractions surrounding the aquarium which are also great to visit. The dolphin show is a must see.

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