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Churaumi Aquarium4.6

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This aquarium is where you can see a huge variety of marine life not found anywhere else. Churaumi means 'beautiful sea' in the local language and striking nature of Okinawa is spreading just before your eyes. The highlight is the massive Kuroshio Tank that shows giant whale sharks and some species of manta rays, which have been successfully nurtured in this aquarium.

There are a tank exhibiting corals, which uses sea waters directly pumped from the nearby area, and another showing deep-sea creatures from 100-700m below the sea level. Various hands-on programs to experience feeding and understand the Kuroshio current are available, which are enjoyable for adults and children alike. This spot belongs at the top of any Okinawa itinerary and absolutely one of the best aquariums in Japan.

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5.06 months ago

My family and I are nearing the close of our one year pass and I'm a little sad. I take my boys almost every holiday they have off of school and they love it! My 11 year old groans a bit, but now that we've discovered the many other things around the aquarium, he groans less. They LOVE the ropes outside of the aquarium and we've gone to the planetarium a couple of times. I still need to take them to the village! There's so much to do in that whole area, it's really amazing.
The aquarium itself is pretty amazing. You start with a touch tank full of different varieties of sea stars. Large tanks with a huge variety of sea life stretch throughout and a huge tank with giant, slow-moving whale sharks I could sit and watch all day. The boys love the shark area, as well. Robby tanks that they switch out periodically for variety. Such a fun experience, though I won't renew our year pass. A year was enough for my kids, sadly for me, but I'm sure we'll be back to enjoy the other things around it, like the free dolphin show!

5.0a week ago

This is an aquarium where you can see whale sharks.
The sight of whale sharks swimming gracefully in the world's largest (maybe...) tank is a sight to behold. It's not every day you get to see such a huge creature through a huge glass window, so if you ever come to Okinawa, I recommend you visit at least once. In addition to whale sharks, you can also see sea turtles and manatees up close, and there are dolphin shows and feeding events.
At the souvenir store, there are many cute items and items that can only be found here, and I think adults and children alike will enjoy it very much.🦈🐟🐠

5.06 months ago

We visited the aquarium in January 2018.
We spent most of the day there. It was a lot of fun and a really interesting experience.
There is a lot to see and a lot to learn. It's a great experience for adults and also for children.
We stopped at the restaurant to get some food and gazed at the sharks and the beautiful fishes for a good hour.
The place is big so have some water and be ready to walk.
We walked around and enjoyed the dolphins show as well.
It's definitely worth the visit when in Okinawa.

5.0a month ago

Pro: Wonderful flow, very educational, and non-stop wonder for all ages. Good ticket price.

Con: Food availability is limited due to Covid-19, but will hopefully become more robust as time goes on. A bit far to travel for a day trip if you have little ones.

Summary: The aquarium is located inside a massively large park, and is everything you would expect from an internationally known aquarium. Definitely worth a trip. If you can handle the drive, an annual pass pays for itself by the second trip to the aquarium.

4.0a month ago

Under the Sea!?

Staff: All the staff were nice and accommodating and nice. The woman who was assigned at the star fishes area she will educate you on what kind of sea creature and what it does. Commend for her!!!

Place: I am so amazed with the place and it was so fun seeing under water creature.

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