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Churaumi Aquarium4.6

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This aquarium is where you can see a huge variety of marine life not found anywhere else. Churaumi means 'beautiful sea' in the local language and striking nature of Okinawa is spreading just before your eyes. The highlight is the massive Kuroshio Tank that shows giant whale sharks and some species of manta rays, which have been successfully nurtured in this aquarium.

There are a tank exhibiting corals, which uses sea waters directly pumped from the nearby area, and another showing deep-sea creatures from 100-700m below the sea level. Various hands-on programs to experience feeding and understand the Kuroshio current are available, which are enjoyable for adults and children alike. This spot belongs at the top of any Okinawa itinerary and absolutely one of the best aquariums in Japan.

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5.0a week ago

Japan's largest aquarium located in Okinawa, a must-see for yuris who want to see the most beautiful places in Okinawa! Beside a beach with crystal clear water. You need a whole day to know everything! Plenty to know

5.0a month ago

It was a day trip from Itoman where we stayed but it was worthy. The big tank has two whale shark... beautiful to see them swimming. Our 5 months old son was astonished. It has a lot of activity for kids but die to the coronavirus some of them were cancelled. By the way, the restaurant has some nice views.

5.04 weeks ago

It's a very big aquarium, has many species of sea creatures, next to the sea, suitable for all ages,

5.08 months ago

This aquarium is extremely knowledgeable about caring for their animals and educating their guests. I loved having a bite to eat next to the majestic whale sharks almost as much as I loved helping feed the dolphins and admiring the sea turtles. The season pass is definitely worth it if you're going to go more than 2 times in a single year and, trust me, with as many events as the host you'll wanna go more than once!

5.04 months ago

Went there as a part of study trip with around 30 friends from the same university.
We has a lot of fun there.
First of all, absolutely loved the aquarium. First time seeing this kind of huge one. The sharks 🦈 were absolutely adorable. Whale sharks were so peaceful, gorgeous in their calm movements.
Secondly the nature outside is even more beautiful. So wide, you can enjoy the sea 🌊 view. The water is clear blue and waves are making just the perfect noice. Plus, the fresh wind is right what we need after stressful semester!
Thirdly, the gorgeous and simple concrete outside view of aquarium finishes the final part of traveling there.
I was mostly caught up with these parts, while my friends enjoyed the dolphins show. So, everyone got what they needed.
Recommend for everyone, every couple and every family. It is definitely worth going to aquarium!
(Trip on 30th January of 2020)

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