Ikei Island

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Ikei Island4.1

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From the northeast side of Katsuren Peninsula, driving through an undersea tunnel and two bridges takes you to this small island. This is one of the best driving course in Okinawa, and the island is entered through a huge red bridge, leading you to stunning scenery of sugarcane fields and pristine beaches.

There are two beaches, Otomari and Ikei, both of which require a usage fee but less crowded to relaxingly indulge in white sand and crystal-clear waters. Both beaches face the bay and are less windy year-round, drawing campers, fishers and marine sport activists. The starry sky at night is must-see and turtles nestle and lay eggs here.

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5.05 months ago

This beach is an amazing spot! First thing that stick out was the crystal clear water. Standing out chest deep and able to look straight down to your feet and see all of the beautiful fish swimming around you. Amazing. Parking was ¥500 (about $5) per person, but that includes entrance to the beach… well worth it. There are also little shops there to eat, gazebos down at the beach, and restrooms for use.

5.06 months ago

Very clean and beautiful beach worth the entry price. Lots of fish and coral to see. Not too crowded. Great for easy relaxing snorkeling.

3.06 months ago

Expensive ¥500 yen per Adult, showers were not the best, bathroom was disgusting, parking was ok, charge to bring our own grill! ¥2,000- ¥3,000 for tent use (unsure for personal), netted area

Good: nice beach, soft to med sand, coral with lots of fish, big net area, beautiful view, has shower and bathroom, food and rental gear.

Overall not the best beach even with the popularity it has for it. 5/10😕👎🏼

5.08 months ago

Super nice place to spend the day with family and friends. Friendly staff who work to keep it super clean. They have a life guard. Restrooms shade and tables to rent. If you choose. It’s a private beach so you pay to enter but it’s totally worth it you get what you pay for. We spent the whole day with friends and brought food. The kids didn’t want to get out of the water lots of fish to see snorkeling. And at the end of the day the staff gave the kids goody bags. We will return.

4.05 months ago

Blue clear water with plenty of fish to see if you go snorkeling. It’s a small beach so the shore is packed with kids and other patrons but head on out a little further and you’ll get a nearly private snorkeling experience.

The water gets deep fast so if you can’t swim, be ready with some floaties or a life jacket.

Also, parking is fine but maybe use some bug repellent spray if you plan to change at your car. Plenty of mosquitoes, it’s nature what do you expect?

For those complaining about the 500¥, that’s pretty cheap for what you’re getting. Some places charge 1000¥+. If you’re on vacation complaining about 500¥, I guess go actual nickel and diming elsewhere and find a free beach or drink 1 or 2 less beers to afford the admission.

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