Komaka Island

Sightseeing information about Komaka Island in Japan.

Komaka Island4.3

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This small islet off the coast of the southernmost part of Okinawa's main island has a pristine beach with crystal clear waters. More than half of this inhabited islet is covered with white sand, and you can walk along the coast to make a loop in about 15 minutes. The circumference varies from 200m to 400m, depending on the tide.

There are no facilities other than toilets, but you can have an amazingly relaxing time if you bring a beach parasol. Once in the waters, you will see a swarm of fish swimming beside you in a friendly manner. The islet is access by a 15-minute boat ride from Chinen Marine Leisure Center.

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5.02 years ago

Clear an beautiful water, tropical fishes and a whole island to ourselves was a one of a kind experience, loved every single second on this island!

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5.011 months ago

Isla pequeña, en 15 minutos la rodeas, solo dos zonas a ambos lados del embarcadero para nadar, recomiendo hacer snorkel con chaleco flotador, no se puede nadar cómodamente sin ese equipo, mucha vida marina.. Formaciones interesantes de coral al poniente. Mucho calor, llevar suficiente agua, la mejor hora es en la mañana, muy temprano. Cada 2 horas pasa la lancha para regresar.

3.06 months ago




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