Komaka Island

Sightseeing information about Komaka Island in Japan.

Komaka Island4.3

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This small islet off the coast of the southernmost part of Okinawa's main island has a pristine beach with crystal clear waters. More than half of this inhabited islet is covered with white sand, and you can walk along the coast to make a loop in about 15 minutes. The circumference varies from 200m to 400m, depending on the tide.

There are no facilities other than toilets, but you can have an amazingly relaxing time if you bring a beach parasol. Once in the waters, you will see a swarm of fish swimming beside you in a friendly manner. The islet is access by a 15-minute boat ride from Chinen Marine Leisure Center.

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5.09 months ago

The best place to swim ever in Okinawa!

Okinawa has this access to the ocean in every side of the Island and one the islands they has is the Komaka Island where you have to take a boat for 2500yen (back and forth) which will allow you to stay for like 3hrs.

You can rent tent especially if you like to go in the afternoon. We spent our noon from 12nn to 3pm at the island and I never regret getting tan because the Island itself is worth it! The sand, water, rocks, fishes and birds (yes birds!!!)

It was so much fun and I am hoping to get back here soon. It was so nice.

4.02 years ago

Not a campground. Short ride from the marine center. Mostly for snorkeling. No shade or facilities on the island except for the toilets. Life guards are on duty. Bring all the food and water you will need. No snorkeling unless you have a life vest.

5.05 years ago

Clear an beautiful water, tropical fishes and a whole island to ourselves was a one of a kind experience, loved every single second on this island!

5.0a month ago

Southern Paradise- "Komaka Island"
Komaka Island, located in Chinen, Nanjo City, in the southern part of Okinawa, is a paradise on an uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean, arriving in 15 minutes by boarding a glass boat from the Chinen Marine Leisure Center! Most of the islands are small with a circumference of 800m and most of them are sandy beaches, but there are also rocks, the center of the island is a little raised, and there is a concrete restroom at the top!
You can enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the surrounding sea! Especially when snorkeling ~ You can see a lot of tropical fish, and big fish over 50 cm are scary to come near!
You can snorkel at your favorite spots around the island, and the area is wide, so you can play enough. You can also enjoy marine attractions such as banana boats and marbles at the site.
Departure and return every 30 minutes from 9:15! Since the time to go back and forth is a declaration system ~ Go in the afternoon and return in a short time ~ Go at 9:15 in the morning ~ Return at 17:00 ~ You can play a lot ~ I like going at my favorite time It is also attractive to be able to return to a good time!
Everyone by all means-Southern Paradise-Go to "Komaka Island" -Noodles- 🤗 ♪

4.010 months ago

It is well managed and safe by the Marine Center. Therefore, there is no degree of freedom and it is limited to snorkeling (without diving) in a limited area, but it has high potential so you can enjoy it enough. Is it suitable for beginners?

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