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Nagoya Castle (Nagoya-jo)3.4

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Castle Nagoya was built in 1612 during the Edo Period by Ieyasu Tokugawa, the founder and the first shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate, as the residence for Tokugawa Yoshinao, one of Ieyasu's sons and the first feudal lord of this region. By the Nagoya Air Raid during the WWII, most of the buildings were burnt down except the three corner watchtowers, three gates, sliding door paintings in the Honmaru Goten (main palace) and few more. Castle buildings and other facilities which had been destroyed, including the five-tiered Dai-Tenshukaku (great castle tower or the Main Castle) with two Kin no Shachi-hoko (golden dolphinlike fish with tiger head) on the roof and the Sho-Tenshukaku (small castle tower), were reconstructed later and were opened to the public. The highlights of the site include the gorgeous Honmaru Goten palace, the Seinan-sumi Yagura (Southwest corner watchtower) which is open to the public among the three existing corner watchtowers, the Ni-no-maru Garden which is a scenic site and the tea ceremony house etc. The Dai-Tenshukaku main castle tower, which had been open to the public as a museum and an observatory for a long time, is now closed due to deterioration (the inside of the building can be viewed via Google Street View on the website: ). In spring, about 1,000 cherry trees of about 10 species bloom gorgeously on site. One of the rare species is Gioiko (Gyoiko), which blooms later than other cherry blossoms, and is in full bloom from mid-April to early May. During the cherry blossom season, the cherry trees are lit up and it is amazing to view both the castle tower and the cherry blossoms from the Honmaru Naien (inner garden of the Honmaru main area). You can also enjoy eating Nagoya specialties such as kishimen noodle, miso-nikomi-udon noodle, miso-katsu pork cutlet and Hitsu-mabushi grilled eel with rice at the noodle restaurant on site or in the restaurant district "Kinshachi Yokocho" in front of the castle site.
Kinshachi Yokocho restaurant street

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5.011 months ago

I guess due to the virus that why most of the gate are close and never had a chance to have a great shot of this Castle. But the history behind and to recreate it was a great clap for the Nagoya people. I will come back to see it’s true beauty inside if the chaos is done. 😂🇵🇭🇯🇵🇦🇺👍🏼

5.06 months ago

I walked from JR towers to the Castle in about 30mins. The castle grounds are very beautiful and well maintained. The castle is very impressive. Their are a number of nice locations to sit and ponder what it must of been like when this was an active castle. Their are two shops near the castle with a number of gifts and trinkets. Restrooms are near by as well. I would recommend a visit if your ever in Nagoya.

5.011 months ago

Nice place to see, I have walked 2hours to see this beauty place, unfortunately that time they didn't allow to go inside the castle, but the view from outside is outstanding. Tickets for children are free , adults only 500 yen, so feel free to visit, you wont be disappointed. Japan is very nice country, I wish I born there...

4.02 months ago

Best place to visit when in Nagoya - to be honest not much more than this though.
They castle itself is closed to the public but there was another newly build building incorporating many aspects of items within the castle. Enjoy!

5.011 months ago

Loved the castle. I visited it multiple times. Recently I visited on Friday. Not much people. We were not allowed to go inside of main castle. May be some work is going on. However rest of things were good. Here are some pics.

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