Little World Museum of Man

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Little World Museum of Man (Yagai Minzoku Hakubutsukan Little World)3.5

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An open-air folk museum, located in Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture, featuring homes, cloths, food and culture around the world. Along with the Main Exhibition Hall which exhibits about 6,000 ethnic materials collected from all over the world, there are 33 traditional houses from 23 countries and regions which were relocated and renovated along the 2.5km round path in the open air, introducing life in various regions. You can make a round-the-world trip within a day without a passport, enjoying the world's food, trying on native costumes, seeing and experiencing different cultures in each house. They also offer events such as circus performances around the world and ethnic food fairs. Buses available from Inuyama Station on Meitetsu Inuyama Line.
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5.0a month ago

If you like nature and knowing something about other countries, this is the place you should go. My son enjoyed too.
There's just one thing, not all the exhibits are accessible for wheelchair or stroller.
I bought the ticket at the train station, it was amazing. They charged me only ¥3900. That included the train tickets, the bus ticket, the access at Little world and when we got there they gave us ¥1500 in cash coupon!!!

4.0a month ago

A good place for day out with loving ones.
Pets also allowed. There are various kinds of restaurants of various countries. As long as it’s name Little world 🌎, you can see only few countries here. I think they missed some world famous civilizations and countries.
However here you can enjoy 😉
Some places are just like a park and gardens.
There are smoking areas also here.
Enjoy 😉

5.07 months ago

Very interesting place. You can see the world in one place. Takes about 2-3 hrs to look around. Various travel options however I cycled to that place from Nagoya and it was awesome.

5.0a week ago

Architecture and culture across the world with respective food stalls as well. It will require 3hrs to fully enjoy the area and the ethnic collection museum

5.0in the last week

It’s not a little world,It’s a big world !! I’m very enjoying to stay here,very worth to come again.

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