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Noritake Garden (Noritake no Mori)3.2

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Noritake is a leading ceramic tableware company which is based in Nagoya. The Noritake no Mori (Noritake Garden), which was constructed on the former Noritake factory grounds, is a museum complex which introduces the history and products of Noritake. On its large lush green premises, there is the Welcome Center where you can learn about the history and business of Noritake through panels and video footages, the Noritake Museum which displays old Noritake masterpieces including exquisite vases and decorative plates, the Craft Center where you can get an up-close view of the creation process of porcelain or try painting them yourself, the Noritake Square Nagoya where you can purchase tableware products, the Red Brick Building which was their first factory operated from 1904 to 1975, the gardens where you can stroll among the 45-meter tall chimneys and a biotope, and the Restaurant Kiln and the Cafe Diamond Days where you can eat or drink with Noritake tableware.
Note: Following facilities are temporary closed due to construction (to be reopened in autumn 2021)
- Noritake Square Nagoya (shop)
- Cafe Diamond Days
- Gardens
- Parking lot

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5.04 months ago

Cozy place close to Nagoya Station.
It has the Noritake bone china museums, with the production steps of their famous ceramics.
There are some nice restaurants and cafes (unfortunately some are closed or with limited operation due to Covid restrictions)
The old buildings and parts of the factory gives a nice touch to the garden.
Admittance is free to the garden (museum is charged)

5.03 months ago

Visited this place a few years ago.Beautiful gardens and craft displays.Local man was very polite explaining about the history of the site.Well worth visiting.

3.011 months ago

Nice place to spend lazy Sunday afternoon. you can buy some expensive plates and decorative vases. There's a resto as well.

5.0a year ago

Lucky to find a place/park where you can relax, appreciate nature and breath fresh air 😊

5.0a year ago

Beautiful European style park

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