Satsuki and Mei's House / Totoro House

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Satsuki and Mei's House / Totoro House (Satsuki to Mei no Ie)2.8

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The Satsuki and Mei's House - or "Totoro House" - is a life scale replica of the house from "My Neighbor Totoro (Tonari no Totoro)", one of the most popular anime films from Studio Ghibli.
This old-fashioned house, reproducing exactly every detail of the film and giving a overview of Japan's daily life in the 1950s, was a super popular attraction at the Aichi World Expo in 2005 and is open to the public again in the Moricoro Park, the site of the Expo in Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture. Though photography is prohibited in the house and upstairs are off limits, you can freely explore the rooms on the ground floor (except for Father's Study), looking and touching everything so that you may find the sisters' daily items kept in various places such as cupboards and drawers. Entrance tickets are allotted 30-minute timeslots, 30 people per slot (6 slots on weekdays and 10 slots on weekends and holidays). Tickets are available in advance online via Boo-Woo Ticket or on the day at the Satsuki and Mei's House Reception. If you can't get a ticket, you still can look at the exterior of the house from the observation deck.
In the autumn 2022, the Ghibli Park is scheduled to open within the Moricoro Park around the house, making use of the nature to match the world of Ghibli films.
Note: Be sure to arrive the park with plenty of time as it takes 15-40 minutes on foot from each parking lot to the reception place (in front of the Field Center "Mori no Manabiya") , and another 15-minute walk to the house from the reception. (Japanese)
Boo-Woo Ticket (Japanese)

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4.02 months ago

A really beautiful spot that they clearly pay close attention to detail on. It takes a little time to get there, and it can be especially difficult on a summer day in the heat, but it's worth the trip. Remember to book tickets in advance if possible or you may have to wait around for your allotted time

5.02 months ago

It’s great place to visit!! If you used to watch Tonari no Totoro, you might be getting excited. It’s similar to the old Japanese styled house

5.07 months ago

It's amazing! Looks like the same with cartoon on Ghibli❤️

5.02 years ago

If you are a studio ghibli fan this is the place to go in Nagoya. It’s part of a larger park called earth brother. You have to pay a small fee of 500 yen and I think it was 300yen for children. The house is exactly as it is shown in the movie! My kids loved the experience. Please note that Photos can only be taken from outside the house!

5.02 years ago

So so cool! It's incredible how similar it is to the anime. My girls go here every year and sit on the porch. They love looking for dust mites and pumping water out back. You'll find other attractions at the park to keep your little ones busy too. A lovely place to visit for the day.

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