Laguna Ten Bosch

Sightseeing information about Laguna Ten Bosch in Japan.

Laguna Ten Bosch (Laguna Gamagori)3.3

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A marine resort complex, located in Gamagori City, Aichi Prefecture, with the concept of "Play, Relax and Stay". On its vast site overlooking the Mikawa Bay, there is the theme park "Lagunasia" which is inspired by a legendary port town for the Silk Road of the Sea, along with "Laguna Festival Market" which consists of a shopping mall and a fish market with local fresh seafood, "Henn na Hotel (Strange Hotel)" which was certified by the Guinness World Records as the first hotel in the world with working robots, and "Laguna Beach", a seaside park with a view of the beautiful sunset on the sea.

PurposeSwimming Pool, Leisure Pool,experience,night view,kids,Seasonal Flowers,ocean & beach,sightseeing,shopping,let's hang out!
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5.010 months ago

A place for attractions and swimming, always bring your swimming wear because you can't resist going in pools

5.06 months ago

Looks like a great place to bring family & friends to relax enjoy rides, foods and there is a nice shopping mall nearby. Also a great venue for music festivals/concerts.

2.09 months ago

It's not obvious that it's a "theme park." It's appearance is that of a shopping mall with a ferris wheel. I went after coming from somewhere else so I didn't have time to hunt for the "theme park" part. From some pictures I have seen it doesn't look much like it would be worth the hunt, so I probably won't go back to try again.

4.02 months ago

I met 2 new friends after visiting the theme park.
A quantity of customer was a little because of Covid19 and decreased children. I took some roller coasters.

5.0a year ago

A nice and quiet ferris wheel ride. A verity of sea food restaurants, shopping mall, yatch ride, amusement park, photo illusion gallery, and much more.
I won't recommend everyday shopping from here because the prices are very high but the gift shop is very good, i would definitely recommend shopping in the gift shop, has a large variety of scented candles, candle stands, mental pieces, decoration pieces, cookies, and much more.
Many good restaurants on the sea side. I had the best sea food dish till now.
Good for all ages. A great weekend getaway.

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