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Located at the source of Kamogawa River which runs through Kyoto, Kifune Shrine enshrines the gods of water and rainfall. The gods are referred in the "Kojiki" and the "Nihon Shoki", the ancient records of Japanese history and myth, and since then they have been worshipped by people who related to farming, manufacturing, fisheries, shipping and any other water-related business.
Since the Heian period, Japanese Imperials shows respect to the gods and ceremonies are held during a long drought or a long rain periods - a black horse (an image of a thunderous cloud) or a white horse (a white cloud on a sunny day) is presented by Emperor to the gods to stop or encourage rainfall.
Kifune Shrine is also known as enshrining the goddess of marriage. It is said that Izumi Shikibu, a famojus Japanese poet in the Heian period, got married after visiting here.
Be sure to pick up an omikuji (paper fortune) which is unique from other omikuji in that these ones only reveal their messages after dipped in water.
The rock garden by Mirei Shigemori are also a must-see.

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5.06 months ago

Lots of connecting(bus and trains) to get here but the shrine is very beautiful from the entrance. And the view along the way are also very nice. Worth going here and would love to visit here again during winter

5.07 months ago

You can get there by a series of trains and busses but it's remote enough to not be too busy. It's surrounded by forest and has a river along the side of the quaint village with a series of small waterfalls. Great food and local architecture

5.04 months ago

peace place.
Visitors can take train from Osaka to Kurama Station (鞍馬駅, Kurama-eki, station number: E17)。And start to enjoy peaceful hiking(down hill), around 2 hrs to the temple-貴船神社(きふねじんじゃ). There are some restaurants around the temple so you can have some supply than. As you can see the photos regarding steps with snow is most famous scenery here.

5.05 months ago

This place is big and lovely inside and out. The whole temple is very red. Super cool architecture and hallways.

5.04 months ago

Very picturesque with fun omikuji revealed with water. Language translations of omikuji also available online

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