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Located at the source of Kamogawa River which runs through Kyoto, Kifune Shrine enshrines the gods of water and rainfall. The gods are referred in the "Kojiki" and the "Nihon Shoki", the ancient records of Japanese history and myth, and since then they have been worshipped by people who related to farming, manufacturing, fisheries, shipping and any other water-related business.
Since the Heian period, Japanese Imperials shows respect to the gods and ceremonies are held during a long drought or a long rain periods - a black horse (an image of a thunderous cloud) or a white horse (a white cloud on a sunny day) is presented by Emperor to the gods to stop or encourage rainfall.
Kifune Shrine is also known as enshrining the goddess of marriage. It is said that Izumi Shikibu, a famojus Japanese poet in the Heian period, got married after visiting here.
Be sure to pick up an omikuji (paper fortune) which is unique from other omikuji in that these ones only reveal their messages after dipped in water.
The rock garden by Mirei Shigemori are also a must-see.

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3.08 months ago

This place is really nice, but it’s quite the journey to get here and will take the entire day. Go once for the experience, but probably not worth going again.

You would think there would be fewer people going to the outskirts of Kyoto City in the middle of a pandemic, but that wasn’t the case at all.

5.0a year ago

Beautiful under snow. The nature, the river are also perfect. Easy to reach by train->bus.

5.010 months ago

It is very nice place. I will be nicer at night time. So sad due to covid -19 maybe not all ryokan and restaurant open.
Try soba with grated yam around this shrine it is delicious

4.02 weeks ago

Nice place to visit especially during autumn. Take a bus to Kifune Shrine at the Kibuneguchi Station and it cost about ¥170.

5.011 months ago

Cool place to hang out especially during the winter. Althouhh kyoto are known for little to no snow, this place is exceptional. You can check the weather forecast before coming here, and you might find youself surrounding in pure white snow with the addition of a beautiful scenery of kifune jinja

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