Sightseeing information about Arashiyama in Japan.


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This area is at the western outskirts and the base of mountains (known as Arashiyama), filled with many tourist spots. The area has been a popular destination since the Heian era (794-1185) when the nobility would enjoy its natural setting involving the river cruise, full-moon viewing and ambling under overhanging cherry blossoms.

The 154m-long Togetsu-kyo Bridge, literally meaning 'crossing moon bridge', is the central landmark that attracts people viewing cherry blossoms in spring and the full moon and colored maple leaves in autumn. The famous bamboo grove takes you to a mesmerizing, otherworldly atmosphere, and Tenryuji Temple has a spacious garden with 'dry' and 'borrowed' landscape that has been modeled by many other zen temples. Daikakuji Temple is reputed for the huge pond with greenery and gold-glittered screen paintings in the buildings.

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5.0a month ago

Yes it's busy and a bit out of the way, but if your in Kyoto it's a must see! It was ridiculously hot in the city but a bit cooler and more laid back out here. We almost didn't go but am glad we took the time out.

The highlight is probably the monkeys at the top of the park or the bamboo, but forget trying to get a picture with the bamboo unless your there at some obscure time (crowds). That being said it's well worth seeing even with crowds. The little village is really cool to walk around too.

Would suggest at least 4 hours here but you could easily spend a full day.

5.0a month ago

Recommend getting there as early as you can! We were up before the sun was just to experience it here before the mad rushes of people! Highly recommend plenty of places to walk around, not too far from Arashiyama station.

5.04 months ago

Very popular tourist place on the outskirts of Kyoto but well worth a visit. Try going during fall when you can see autumn leave colors rivaling that of Vermont. I loved the traditional kimonos that so many visitors wore.

3.04 months ago

The bamboo grove itself is a pretty short pathway, full of people posing for pictures for the gram. It was far from an authentic peaceful experience. The other walk ways are much more pleasant and it's right next to a beautiful temple. You could easily spend a few hours in the area. This is 30 mins from central Kyoto.

4.03 months ago

There are hundreds of authentic Kansai region street food on the main road in Arashiyama like products of sweet potato, fried patty (ミンチかつ) and Japanese croquette.

The famous trial which was surrounded with bamboo forest was amazingly beautiful and not like in reality. However, it was also short, narrow and crowded all the time.

Visitors might feel familiar with this place since there are lots of movies shot here.