Sightseeing information about Arashiyama in Japan.


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This area is at the western outskirts and the base of mountains (known as Arashiyama), filled with many tourist spots. The area has been a popular destination since the Heian era (794-1185) when the nobility would enjoy its natural setting involving the river cruise, full-moon viewing and ambling under overhanging cherry blossoms.

The 154m-long Togetsu-kyo Bridge, literally meaning 'crossing moon bridge', is the central landmark that attracts people viewing cherry blossoms in spring and the full moon and colored maple leaves in autumn. The famous bamboo grove takes you to a mesmerizing, otherworldly atmosphere, and Tenryuji Temple has a spacious garden with 'dry' and 'borrowed' landscape that has been modeled by many other zen temples. Daikakuji Temple is reputed for the huge pond with greenery and gold-glittered screen paintings in the buildings.

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5.0in the last week

Really Spectacular! Very Nice to see. Worth every minute. Town near it is also nice. Accessible by train. Convenient. SAD you can't go running around inside the jungle.

5.02 months ago

Great place to visit only early in the morning when no one else is around.
Even though you might think, it’s just bamboo? There is something magical about this place.
A sea of bamboo lined up, and green all around. You will not regret visiting this place.
The overall distance will take no longer than a 15 minute walk from start to finish and the area is well lit up with sun rays creeping in between the bamboo.
I think if you enjoy photography, then this is the place to be! Just make sure you leave early to beat the footfall coming in around 9AM.
Once you leave the forest, ask one of the taxi drivers who wait at the exit for the viewpoint of the ravine below. DO NOT take the bait of getting into their taxi for a drive to the viewpoint as it is only a 10 minute walk on a inclined road.
Once you reach this view-point, you can see the ravine below and the area is normally free of the tourists. It’s a nice spot to have lunch and to just relax a little.
Overall, make sure you wear comfortable shoes, wear a lot of insect repellent and make lunch to go!

3.0a month ago

The park and hike up the hill was nice. There were restrooms every few meters which was great because it was something I was worried about after coffee. The views by the riverbank were breathtaking on a humid and cloudy day. I was there when it was raining which was cool and you could see fog rolling up the hills which was quite amazing. The downsides are that once you get to the bamboo path it’s a bit more of a tourist attraction than I had anticipated. Too many people (and umbrellas crashing) around 9:30-11am. You literally can’t take a good picture because of how busy it is but that’s expected. The shops were priced higher than in other areas because of the tourism, even for just water. I felt slightly let down by how thin the forest was and how many of the trees were cut-down towards the end of the walk, which wasn’t very long - about 15 minutes. I’m sure there is a reason for it. There was also the sound of machines which kind of took away from the peaceful silence. It’s still exciting to see all the bamboo though if you’ve never seen it before. The area is beautiful. Also, the path spits you out right by a station which was cool.

5.0a month ago

This place is very near to Kyoto and this place can be reached by bus or by train. Nice green surroundings with Bamboo trees, the river is a beautiful place and to walk along the Riverside is always a pleasure. Best time for leisure. Good food is also available here to relish. Good Hotels are also available nearby to this place for night stay.

5.0a month ago

Really beautiful and serene walk amongst the bamboo trees. You can see the light filter through the bamboo. It is green all around. It is not usually crowded so you can be with your own thoughts. Really recommend a day trip here if you are in Kyoto.