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Toei Uzumasa Movie Village4.3

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Toei Uzumasa Movie Village, also know as Kyoto Studio Park or Movie Land, offers some re-creations of Edo-period street scenes. This is an all-in-one touristy spot combining theme parks, period film sets and museums. You may even see a real TV production taking place before your eyes.

Visitors are given the opportunity to step back in time and experience Edo-era Japan. Costume rental is available to become a Samurai or Geisha, and the best part of it is you can stroll through the themed park to surprise your families and friends !

There are many different attractions and performances throughout the year, such as a very scary haunted house and a maze-like Ninja mansion adventure. If you have kids who are becoming sick of temples and shrines, this is a good place to spend a day.

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5.03 weeks ago

A great surprise. I didn't intend to go here, because I am not familiar with alot of their work. I was wrong! Live action shows with ninja and samurai fighting just feet away from you, wonderful staff and plenty to do. It really is a great place to visit. Especially for kids.

4.0a week ago

Nice place to visit with friends or family. Inside is edo style period theme, a lot of ninja n samurai show.. and u can experience and learn about film making here.

4.0a week ago

For those who love Samurai, Ninja, and other toei stuff (anime n super heroes). The only downside is all play arenas were need to pay (but its good though... We loved the escape from the castle maze)

5.0a week ago

Always a fun family tourist attraction. They have lots of small shows, cool sceneries, shops, and fun interactive activities to do. Go to the haunted house, its super scary.

1.05 months ago

Some said it was a glorified gift shop. Pretty much. All attractions save for the ones in the theater are paid ones. Which I didn't enter. I don't see why I have to pay extra for rides when I have paid the entrance ticket. Didn't enjoy my time here at all. Basically it was full of gift shops and places to eat, nothing much about history or what ever else. A waste of time and money...

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