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Toei Uzumasa Movie Village4.3

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Toei Uzumasa Movie Village, also know as Kyoto Studio Park or Movie Land, offers some re-creations of Edo-period street scenes. This is an all-in-one touristy spot combining theme parks, period film sets and museums. You may even see a real TV production taking place before your eyes.

Visitors are given the opportunity to step back in time and experience Edo-era Japan. Costume rental is available to become a Samurai or Geisha, and the best part of it is you can stroll through the themed park to surprise your families and friends !

There are many different attractions and performances throughout the year, such as a very scary haunted house and a maze-like Ninja mansion adventure. If you have kids who are becoming sick of temples and shrines, this is a good place to spend a day.

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5.0a month ago

This attraction is ideal for movie enthusiasts of Japan's Edo Period. Movie sets are constructed for filming old Japan, movies and television series. I recently visited with family and was impressed with the way staff treated children. A grandson got to spend some time playing ninja and was thrilled with the education he received. He was climbing and doing stunts only seen on TV and, was safely harnessed to prevent any injury. A middle aged woman in our group even joined-in on the ninja training. A great place to take a family with active children!

4.04 months ago

Visiting around 2:30pm was the worst mistake we made. All the interesting shows were scheduled in the mornings and we missed all except the ninja show. The ninja show was really good. Even though we had no idea what they were saying, you can feel the actors’ emotions and their hard work doing all those stunts and maneuvers.

There’s not a lot of people on the day we visited but maybe it’s because we arrived late.
The historical streets where they film is not very impressive though. You can see prettier ones just from walking anywhere in Kyoto.

We didn’t do much research on this place, so we assumed with the costly admission price, everything in the park would be close to free. But a lot of the activities are not.

There’s a cool souvenir shop with ninja accessories. However be warned that they can’t go in carry-on because what they look like. I learned this the hard way from buying a samurai sword umbrella :(

3.0a month ago

A great place to visit for the whole family. Many interesting shows. Cool park. Its ok to skip this place if you dont have the time. Not really a must to visit place. Ample parking lots if you are driving. If you’re taking trains, expect a long uphill dreadful walk to this park. Quite cheap entrance fee. Completed the whole area under 2hours. Not much variety of eateries.

4.0a week ago

2400 yen entry fee. Really good looking town, may be not so good for non-Japanese speaker.

3.05 months ago

Cute fountain with the head of human and in other place there was a dragon which show up from the pond but all looked old, need to add more innovated movie trick and show so visitors can feel the excitement. We went there on 13 May 2019 and it was so hot there in the outdoor area. The entrance ticket was over price since we also need to pay ticket fee for each attraction inside the studio if we would like to see them. I thought we could see a movie creation there but no, there is no such thing when we were there.

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