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Toei Uzumasa Movie Village4.3

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Toei Uzumasa Movie Village, also know as Kyoto Studio Park or Movie Land, offers some re-creations of Edo-period street scenes. This is an all-in-one touristy spot combining theme parks, period film sets and museums. You may even see a real TV production taking place before your eyes.

Visitors are given the opportunity to step back in time and experience Edo-era Japan. Costume rental is available to become a Samurai or Geisha, and the best part of it is you can stroll through the themed park to surprise your families and friends !

There are many different attractions and performances throughout the year, such as a very scary haunted house and a maze-like Ninja mansion adventure. If you have kids who are becoming sick of temples and shrines, this is a good place to spend a day.

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1.0a week ago

This park is absolutely theft of money. The entry price is 2200 yen so we logically thought that it covers every attraction inside. Practically besides the short shows of ninjas and little buildings that represent the antique way of japan’s Life style the rest cost money! There is huge amount of attractions inside and all of them costs between 500 -2000 ten each .
The shows are only in Japanese( except one in English ) so if you are tourists please save your precious time and do not go there. We were there for about 2 hours basically doing nothing and tried to understand what for they took from us such big amount of money .
This park suits only Japanese people or people that has no problem of waisting a lot of money.

1.0a week ago

If you speak Japanese maybe you can have a nice visit... EVERYTHING is in Japanese- almost NO ENGLISH !!!
You pay 2200 yen for entrance and it's doesn't cover the attractions inside - you need to pay another 500 yen for each if them extra..
Buildings and film area are nice but not worth to pay so much.
Also I got the feeling stuff really didn't care about foreign tourist there...again no english and no help at all.
This is not Disneyland - don't go here!!

4.0a month ago

This would be a great family outing or a place for anyone interested in film history or samurai culture. The tour was interesting and the film museum was surprisingly good. I especially enjoyed the samurai sword practice. Other activities were an extra charge and the food was a bit limited.

4.0a month ago

If you’re interested in films or the film making world this is a great place to be! Toei studio park is a place were lots of old Japan edo period shots were taken. Movies and dramas they take place here some times. Theres some corners for kids and a huge hall of fame with all the trophies 🏆

5.03 months ago

I recommend this place if you like “Power rangers” and Japanese movies in general.
You can rent a samurai or a ninja costume and go around the scenes where famous movies were/are filmed.
Renting is quite expensive, but it’s worthy. The best samurai armor costume is around 11K¥ for the whole day, but you will look epic in it :).

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