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Izumo Dai-jingu Shrine(built in 709) is located in Kameoka City of Kyoto, known as a shrine dedicated to the deity of good relationships and marriage. This Shinto shrine boasts many attractions, all situated in its precincts. These include “Meoto Iwa” (the "Married Couple Rock"), around which visitors tie a good-luck charm in the form of a red string, and “Manai-no-Mizu” (water spouting from Mikage-yama Mountain [a mountain worshiped as the sacred dwelling place of the shrine’s deities]), which is believed to have miraculous power. The shrine’s main sanctuary building is designated as a national important cultural property. The yellow and red leaves of the shrine's ginkgo and maple trees on this sacred ground create a brilliant contrast with Mikage-yama Mountain during the fall season.

Address : Izumo, Chitose-cho, Kameoka City
Access : Take the Kameoka City Furusato Bus from Kameoka Station on the JR Sagano Line (about a 15-minute drive), and get off at Izumojinja-mae stop.

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Izumo Daijingu : Tamba Izumi Daijingu Shrine is located in the central part of the course of Shichifukujin Meguri Tour in Chitose-cho. The structure of the shrine was originally built in 709. In ancient times the moluntain behind the shrine ( Mt. Mikage ) itself was considered a sacred place, therefore the shrine was established in this place to enshrine its guardian. Despite there are many other shinto shrines nationwide holding a name of Izumo by enshrining a divided tutelary deity of Izumo Taisha ( the main deity held in the head of Izumo ), this Izumo Taisha does not belong to Izumo Taisha of Shimane. The shrine is an individual entity. ( Trans-word+ TGM Kyoto Guide )

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Simply amazing! A real gem! Super power spot!

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A Very peaceful place
You can pouring pure water coming from the mountain behind the shrine(after praying )

You must visit IWAKIRA behind main building.you receive and feeling the energy from the IWAKURA.

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