Heian-jingu Shrine

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Heian-jingu Shrine4.2

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This shrine was erected in 1895 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Kyoto. The massive 24m-high torii gate leads to the vermilion main building ringed by white sand. The innermost area is a spacious 10-hectare garden, which is designated a national scenic spot.

This is a famous cherry blossom spot with the best season being from early to mid April. The night illumination reflected on the pond creates a magical setting for flower viewing. Jidai Matsuri ('Festival of the Ages') held on October 22nd is one of top three Kyoto festivals and features a long procession people wearing costumes that represent different eras of Kyoto's 1200 years of history. The procession is as long as 2km and last about 3 hours.

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5.06 months ago

Stunning shrine with incredible prayer trees which make for great photo opportunities. There’s also beautifully manicured pine trees and just next door is the most beautiful garden in the whole of Kyoto - stunning with amazing water Lillies and irises. It’s also not as busy as the shrine so you can have a relaxing break from the masses of people

5.08 months ago

Not the biggest shrine that I visited by terms of shrine size but this is probably one of the biggest by terms of lot size. Visitors would surely love the fact that it's free to visit the shrine (meaning no entrance fee like most of the famous places in Kyoto) however, keep in mind that the garden area requires you to pay an entrance fee.

4.02 months ago

Nice and quiet recently, quite a sprawling temple complex. Doesn't take too long to see it all, but it's nice.

4.0a month ago

So Good, so cool heian shrine ( peace in love)

5.06 months ago

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