Komakado Caves

Sightseeing information about Komakado Caves in Japan.

Komakado Caves (Komakado Kazaana)3.2

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Komakado Kazaana is one of lava caves formed by an eruption of Mt. Fuji about 10,000 years ago. With a total length of 409 meters, it is one of the largest lava tubes found at the foot of Mt. Fuji. There are interesting attractions inside the cave including a spacious hall with a 20-meter-high ceiling, the traces of lava flow which look like ribs on the wall and lava stalactites hanging from the ceiling. Though you can explore the cave without a torch as there are electric lights inside of it, you still should be watchful as there are some places with uneven floors or with low ceilings. As the temperature remains at around 13℃(55℉) inside the cave throughout the year and water could drip from the ceiling, wearing outerwear is recommended. Designated as a national natural monument.

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5.02 years ago

A nice stop from Fujinomiya before bringing the kids to enjoy on the way to Fuji Safari Park. There is a free parking space provided about 5 minutes walk to the cave entrance. Good beginner experience for kids to learn cave exploring where parents can easily keep watch. Being in the cave were more warmer than the temperature outside at March. At the back of the reception small building there is a water flowing from mount Fuji that you can drink. Public toilet available.

5.02 years ago

Very nice spot. Fresh, special, fun.

5.03 years ago

Quite an adventure to walk into this cave which was bigger than I expected. The cave is easy to walk. Just a bit slippery at places. A torch was provided at the entrance. We visited just before the closing time so we hurried and spent only around 20 minutes in the cave and did not get to go into the side section Worth visiting if you passes by this town. The lady in the ticket office was very friendly and offered to explain to us the driving direction to our next destination.

4.04 years ago

Although the cave itself is not really huge, being inside feels rather great. Breathing the pure air and almost hitting my head at some point made thistrip enjoyable. One of the places to see when visiting Japan.

5.03 years ago

Really unique cave, glad we went! We went on a week day and it was just us, so we had the whole cave to ourselves.

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