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Grinpa is a family-frindly amusement park located in the middle of nature on the mountainside of the world heritage Mt.Fuji.
The Ultraman heroes themed rides, the lifesize Sylvanian Family's village, a variety of obstacle courses, and a large 3D maze with trick walls are featured. For younger children, an indoor playroom with more than 1000 toys is provided along with a kids cafe.
The park also offers vast flower fields where visitors can enjoy blossoming flowers spread out over a large site - 210,000 of tulips in spring and 30,000 Dahlias, 160,000 Cosmoses and 300,000 Marigolds in summer and autumn. With the magnigicent Mt Fuji on their back, the breathtaking view of the flowers makes a great spot for photographers.
In the winter, you can enjoy skating, sledding and plyaing in the snow on the site.

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4.05 months ago

Thw amusement part is a little old but a lot of fun with cool themes. Love the ultraman park. Plus you get beautiful view of mount Mount Fuji from the park.

5.03 months ago

Beautiful view of mt fujiyama but really dependent on the weather and clouds. View changes at each instance

2.05 months ago

Amusement park looks old, totally different from internet site.
If you are in a lucky day, you can see Mt. Fuji.
Very expensive. 2000¥ only at parking lot.

4.04 months ago

Good for children, adults mat feel bored. No waiting for facilities.

1.04 months ago

Nothing to do. Walking from the entrance to the sling play slope is longer than the slope itself.

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