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Kyoto National Museum4.0

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This museum, one of four national museums in Japan, is located in Higashiyama, near the Sanjusangendo ('33-interval hall'). The museum focuses on mainly pre-modern Japanese works, with special emphasis on a collection of the Heian period (794-1185). For visitors interested in Buddhism, a huge collection of ancient Chinese and Japanese sutras are on display.

There are more than 12,000 works, of which 6,000 are on display on either permanent or temporary exhibitions. The museum is divided into three sections - Fine Arts, including paintings, sculpture and calligraphy; Handicrafts, including pottery, fabrics and lacquerware; and Archaeology, including historical artefacts. In the garden stands a statue of "The Thinker" by Auguste Rodin.

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5.011 months ago

This is a beautiful exhibit! The old building is closed for renovation but the new building and ongoing exhibits are definitely worth a visit. The size of the exhibit is a bit smaller than you’d expect from the size of the building and price of the tickets however so keep that in mind if you’re on a shoestring budget.

5.0a year ago

I came to Japan hoping for uniquely Japanese experiences. This museum certainly delivers on that. We really enjoyed the english audio guide that was available to rent, as it really brought the exhibit to life.

At the time of our visit the main gallery was closed, but they had an exhibit on the 36 immortal poets. It was fascinating to learn what an important role poetry played in the classical Japanese court.

4.011 months ago

The old part of the museum is shut down, which means that there is only half the area there should be for displaying artifacts. Reason is that there are concerns about potential earthquake damage to the old structure from the 1800. Would be helpful if the notice were prominently displayed at the entrance and not once you're already inside.
Having said that, the exhibits are well curated and there is a good effort to have English explanations of everything.

3.05 months ago

Expensive and stingy. Less less preferred than Tokyo National Museum.

5.010 months ago

Super ♿ accessibility,m: smooth / wide pathways, wide open, flat gallery spaces, and plenty of accessible toilets.

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