Arashiyama's Bamboo Grove

Sightseeing information about Arashiyama's Bamboo Grove in Japan.

Arashiyama's Bamboo Grove4.3

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It is serene, mysterious and magical. The bamboo grove in the Arashiyama district provides a very delightful walk. A 300m-long path, which connects Tenryuji Temple and Okochi Sanso Villa, creates a hypnotic moment with swaying bamboo stalks. Night illumination is also available in December. It is simply gorgeous and breathtaking!

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5.0a month ago

It's a bamboo forest! Quite a striking and beautiful thing you won't find in many places. Yes, there are great throngs of people, and there's not really an opportunity to walk amongst the bamboo. You'll pay a few bucks to go into the temple gardens, which are also cool. The thing to know is that there is a network of trails and parks, and you don't have to follow the beaten path. You can spend a day wandering around this area, escape the crowd, and find plenty of interesting and beautiful things.

5.0in the last week

At first I was kind of sure I would have got lost of the directions to get here since I traveled alone, but actually you just need to take a bus from Kyoto Station rather than take a train then switch up to the bus later. The place is really worth to visit!! The local people there were really friendly and helpful.

5.0a month ago

This was such an amazing experience. I would HIGHLY recommend setting your alarm though and coming as early as possible. I came around 6am and while people were already starting to show up, i was still able to get some amazing long shots down the empty path. Also, I generally find it way more enjoyable without the heaps of tourists all over the place! Just some alone time with this magical place.

3.0a week ago

The best season and time to visit this famous tourist attraction is during Winter in November early in the morning or evening before sunset.

Highly popular all year round especially during Spring, to experience the calm and serenity is to avoid the crowds above all else.

Recommend to avoid visiting during Summer as it will get very humid and also raining season as Arashiyama River and surroundings is susceptible to serious flooding that is potentially fatal.

3.0a month ago

- Pretty bamboo
- Low impact walking
- Fairly shady and cool
- Free

- Not too spectacular
- Very busy during the day (hard to enjoy)
- Fenced off from bamboo

Definitely not as great as we expected, but still a fun walk. The sides of the path have tall brush walls so photo opportunities with the bamboo are difficult. If you’ve seen bamboo, this forest really isn’t anything special. You can see in the pictures how narrow the pathway is. If you imagine a taxi slowly creeping its way up through the sea of people, taking up almost the entire width of the path, that actually happened and it went as well as you’d assume.

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