Arashiyama's Bamboo Grove

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Arashiyama's Bamboo Grove4.3

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It is serene, mysterious and magical. The bamboo grove in the Arashiyama district provides a very delightful walk. A 300m-long path, which connects Tenryuji Temple and Okochi Sanso Villa, creates a hypnotic moment with swaying bamboo stalks. Night illumination is also available in December. It is simply gorgeous and breathtaking!

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5.03 weeks ago

Beautiful place with lush scenery. Easily accessible by bus or rail. Go further up the bamboo grove and there will be a scenic garden with stone stairs that go all the way up. The view is breathtakingly gorgeous. Best to go in the early morning on weekdays to avoid crowds.

Overall very worth it and will come back to see the view during a different season.

2.0a month ago

If you’re looking for peace, you won’t find it here. All day, every day, you will find the place overcrowded with tourists from all directions. Similar to most tourists sites in Kyoto, everyone will have their phones and cameras out to snap their best photos for social media. Expect long queues and congestion along the whole path. Kinda sad, because the grove itself is quite scenic. In recent years, many tacky souvenir shops and overpriced eateries have sprung up in Arashiyama to cater to the ever growing hordes of tourists. Some locals make money from ferrying tourists in old-style carts. Visit and take photos if you must, but you can find many other less crowded but equally scenic places in Kyoto.

5.03 weeks ago

A dream come to true for any nature lover. Walking under the bamboo grove feels truly mystical as well as relaxing. I came in the late afternoon and wasn’t too busy so I’d recommend coming after 5pm based on my experience. There is also the river to walk along and this is also beautiful. All in all, one of my favourite places to visit in Japan

3.02 weeks ago

Filled with tourists, and you probably wont get the photo you are expecting over the crowds of people. Best to go very early if you want fewer people. Cool to see, but not necessaarily worth the trip if you are staying in Kyoto for only a few days. Temples around the area are interesting, but you can spend more time in and around Kyoto to see beautiful temples.

4.0in the last week

We were actually really lucky when we went because we went early and during a mild rain. Even then it wasn't empty. But we did manage to get a few good shots.

I imagine it would be really crowded during high season or afternoon. Keep in mind the bamboo grove that you see in Instagram shots is only around a 100m stretch, not exactly a forest.

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