Arashiyama's Bamboo Grove

Sightseeing information about Arashiyama's Bamboo Grove in Japan.

Arashiyama's Bamboo Grove4.3

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It is serene, mysterious and magical. The bamboo grove in the Arashiyama district provides a very delightful walk. A 300m-long path, which connects Tenryuji Temple and Okochi Sanso Villa, creates a hypnotic moment with swaying bamboo stalks. Night illumination is also available in December. It is simply gorgeous and breathtaking!

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5.0a week ago

Of course one of the Must-Go when visiting Kyoto! Very nice scenery and it's a nice walk in the forest. Pick a day with nice weather so you can enjoy to the fullest. The street before the bamboo Grove has many shops that offer interesting food and products so do check them out!

5.0a week ago

Very busy but still very beautiful. Probably worth getting there earlier or later to miss some of the crowds. But still a lovely walk through which you can loop round into the town or down to the river

5.0a week ago

A "must go" if you're visiting Kyoto. The bamboo forest is absolutely magnificent and the main grove "trail" feels like you're walking in a mystical forest.
The bamboo forest is also a 10-15minute walk to the base of the mountain of the Arashiyama monkey park, the view over there is lovely as well so it's worth the walk!

5.0in the last week

We reached at 6.30 am local time and people are slowly headed in. It was a very nice place to enjoy the view and take some awesome pictures. Make sure you look at the map it because the turnings look almost identical. Entrance is free and I would suggest to pack some light food to eat and picnic by another garden located beside the bamboo forest.

5.0a month ago

Beautiful place with lush scenery. Easily accessible by bus or rail. Go further up the bamboo grove and there will be a scenic garden with stone stairs that go all the way up. The view is breathtakingly gorgeous. Best to go in the early morning on weekdays to avoid crowds.

Overall very worth it and will come back to see the view during a different season.

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