Arashiyama's Bamboo Grove

Sightseeing information about Arashiyama's Bamboo Grove in Japan.

Arashiyama's Bamboo Grove4.3

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It is serene, mysterious and magical. The bamboo grove in the Arashiyama district provides a very delightful walk. A 300m-long path, which connects Tenryuji Temple and Okochi Sanso Villa, creates a hypnotic moment with swaying bamboo stalks. Night illumination is also available in December. It is simply gorgeous and breathtaking!

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4.0in the last week

It is a bamboo forest with a walking trail running through it. There are tall bamboos all over the place offering wonderful scene of nature. The atmosphere was quite and walking along the trail was relaxing for me. The footpath was well-maintained and comfortable to walk. I visited in the evening and it was little bit dark so I would definitely recommend travellers to go during bright day light.
I enjoyed walking along the trail but I was not very excited as I have already been to other bamboo forests which are similar everywhere. Till then, for new visitors, it would be a very exciting moment and a wonderful experience. Therefore, I would recommend for those who have never visited Bamboo forest before.

4.02 weeks ago

This neat bamboo grove is one of the iconic sights in Kyoto and has a unique look to it. Unfortunately, it was unexpectedly small, being just a path through thickly growing bamboo plants. The grove serves as one of many attractions of Arashiyama, which are meant to be viewed together during your visit. For nature lovers, surrounding areas provide several stunning trekking opportunities featuring wildly growing bamboo and other plants, trees and flowers. For the grove itself it is recommended to come early, if you want some feeling of seclusion, otherwise Arashiyama is crowded.

5.0a week ago

Lots of tourists, but very scenic and peaceful. Absolutely worth a visit! The overlook/observatory was amazing. Unfortunately it was overcast and drizzling when I was there, but it was still a beautiful view. Highly recommend for anyone visiting Kyoto!

3.03 weeks ago

It is certainly beautiful and I can imagine it would be a perfect spot for a walk to clear your mind. However the amount of tourists that come here really does take away the beauty of this serene place. If you do want to come here to take a good photo or just to soak in the beauty then I would definitely recommend coming here really really early in the morning.

4.0a week ago

Definitely worth the 4000 Yen to get carried into the grove. The rickshaws take a different path so there's no congestion and you get to take in the grove peacefully. For another 4k you can get carried out but then you'll miss the beauty of jostling with your fellow man for the perfect bamboo shot. I recommend going between noon and 2pm so you can walk over and catch the last train by 4pm and get some shots of the entire circuit.

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